How Looters Will Make Slaves of Us All

Rioting and looting are happening in many places across America. All it takes is a small incident, and protesters suddenly lay waste to downtown areas and take merchandise from businesses. Many decry the actions as lamentable. Some blame the problem on “outside agitators.” Others try to excuse the acts as the excesses of “mostly peaceful … Read more

Lighting the Way to a Life That Makes Sense

Lighting the Way to a Life That Makes Sense

The new book Lighting the Way: Stories that Show How Our Culture Went Wrong and How We Can Restore Order is a collection of stories arranged to illustrate an idea. The idea is that of the organic Christian society. That is an unfamiliar idea to many, although we live in and around many such organic … Read more

What the Coming Uncivil War Is Really About

What the Coming Uncivil War Is Really About

There is talk of a new American civil war. Indeed, the vitriol of opposing parties is reaching levels heretofore unseen. It is especially vicious now over the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy. There is nothing civil about this coming war. For now, it is still a culture battle, but it might be better labeled as … Read more

What Has Happened to Community?

Return to Order What Has Happened to Community? 2

In modern society, there is no longer the sense of communal space where conversation and leisure normally took place. There is no longer a feeling of community where people sense the satisfaction of being together. That is not to say people do not gather in crowds. There are plenty of places where large numbers of … Read more

When Technology Helps Weaken Communities

Return to Order The Decline of Social Involvement in America

In his book, Shadow Work: The Unpaid, Unseen Jobs that Fill Your Day, author Craig Lambert claims that so many consumers have assumed the work normally done by those who once worked for producers and retailers. For example, many Americans use self-service technologies and thus perform the service jobs of the supermarket cashier, ticket counter … Read more