TFP National Conference Unites All in Confidence and Action

On Friday afternoon, everyone began to arrive on a lovely autumn day at the American TFP’s headquarters in rural Pennsylvania. It was the perfect setting for the 2022 TFP National Conference, held on October 28-30 by the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP). Participants came from around the country to … Read more

This is How the Virgin Mary Converted Alphonse Ratisbonne

This is How the Virgin Mary Converted Alphonse Ratisbonne

Alphonse Ratisbonne was a young Jew from a family of well-established bankers in Strasbourg, France. He also was socially prominent due to his wealth and blood-ties to the Rothschild. In 1827, Alphonse’s older brother, Thèodore, converted to Catholicism and entered the priesthood, thus breaking with his family whose hopes now lay in the young Alphonse, … Read more

Three Gift Suggestions for a Christmas that is Not Ordinary

This isn’t an ordinary Christmas. In many places, officials are trying to steal Christmas from those who wish to celebrate it in churches. Families are discouraged from holding get-togethers in the home. Thus, we are left to observe this Christmas in our hearts, where no force can enter, but we still feel the silent desolation … Read more

The Great Plague of Marseille (1720): A Lesson in Faith and Confidence in the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Three hundred years ago, on May 25, 1720, the ship Grand Saint-Antoine docked in Marseille, France, coming from Syria. Due to negligence, laxity and corruption, the port and municipal authorities allowed an illegal passenger to disembark: the bacillus plague. The events that followed are remembered in history under the name of “The Great Plague of Marseille.”1 1720: … Read more

The Good Surprises of God and the Coronavirus Crisis


As the coronavirus situation stands, things don’t look good. The virus is killing thousands of Americans (as viruses do). The economy is in free fall, hemorrhaging trillions of dollars and millions of lost jobs. The nation is saddled with debt coming from a $2.3 trillion fiscal relief package. The Fed injects an additional $2.3 trillion … Read more

“Come to Me All You Who are Weary!”

I witnessed a gut-wrenching scene when I recently entered an adoration chapel in North Carolina. Like the rest of the country, there were no Masses anywhere. Thus, this chapel served as a place for local Catholics to pray and make spiritual communions. Upon entering, I saw a woman kneeling in the back with her head … Read more

Why We Need Wisdom not Panic in the Coronavirus Fight

In the face of the coronavirus crisis that is paralyzing the nation, America needs policies in place to lead the country back to health. Perhaps the first policy should be that the media should not be policymakers. With this fundamental measure in place, the rest would certainly be much easier. Free Book: Return to Order: … Read more