Counsels for the Graduation Class of 2021 in an Upside Down World

The class of 2021 emerges from an upside-down year. Rarely have graduates faced such a chaotic combination of events that shattered the normality of life as we once knew it. The never-ending COVID crisis and its disastrous lockdown policies destroyed normal social life. We experienced a summer of rioting and discontent that could again reignite. … Read more

Health Experts Promote Covid Madness and Betray Their Mission

In dealing with the COVID crisis, the public health experts have failed the nation, betrayed their mission and spread confusion. So many outrages have been committed in the name of “science” that people are rightfully distrustful. Science should be a voice of certainty, not chaos during the crisis. Such an evaluation may seem harsh, but … Read more

Deutsche Bank Study Suggests a 5% Work-From-Home “Privilege” Tax

In the crazy COVID world of employment, governments forced firms to have employees work from home remotely. Like so many “temporary” measures to reduce exposure, the changes are fast becoming permanent. Employees are staying home, even though the home’s distractions impact work quality. A Deutsche Bank study by Luke Templeman proposes that employees who continue … Read more

How the Virus Killed Santa Claus But Not Christmas

Christmas is a special time for children, who are attracted by the sublime and themes of wonder and grace. As at the time of His birth, the Divine Infant radiates innocence and joy in a sinful world. Children especially sense these special graces and share in the Christmas joy. Even the commercialization of Christmas cannot … Read more

Satanic Bias: Closed Churches and Open Strip Clubs

In the face of the coronavirus crisis, real leaders should help establish the seriousness of the threat. Nevertheless, in many places, they are failing miserably.  Their misguided decisions provide ammunition for corona-skeptics to question unfairly applied restrictions and fuel conspiracy theories about hidden agendas. In many jurisdictions, COVID pandemic measures appear to be biased against … Read more

The Great Plague of Marseille (1720): A Lesson in Faith and Confidence in the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Three hundred years ago, on May 25, 1720, the ship Grand Saint-Antoine docked in Marseille, France, coming from Syria. Due to negligence, laxity and corruption, the port and municipal authorities allowed an illegal passenger to disembark: the bacillus plague. The events that followed are remembered in history under the name of “The Great Plague of Marseille.”1 1720: … Read more

How Governor Cuomo Blames Everyone But Himself

Most people would like to forget about the first six month of 2020. So many aspects of daily life have changed that there is a kind of nostalgia for 2019. Many ache for a return to a time when most adults went to work every day, children spent five days a week in school, and … Read more

Could Podschooling Make Things Better or Worse in Education?

“It is an ill wind that blows no good.” The origin of this phrase is unknown, but it is accurate, even if the ill wind is the Wuhan virus. However, something good in this wind may be something called “pandemic podschooling.” Maybe. Similar ideas are labeled cooperative homeschooling, microschooling, or simply podschooling. Free Book: Return … Read more

Why the Great Depression of 2020 Will Be Different

They are already calling the current pandemic-induced economic crisis, “The Great Depression of 2020.” The paradigm is, of course, the Great Depression of 1929 that substantially changed the world’s model of development, signaling the onset of State intervention in the economy (the welfare state). Analysts are also calling it “The Great Jump Backwards,” because it … Read more