Can Facebook Posts Destabilize the Nation?

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The Russian collusion case has been dominating the headlines for some time. Recent indictments seem to prove that 13 Russian individuals and 3 companies operated thousands of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts aimed at influencing the American elections and destabilizing the country. Investigators have sounded the alarm saying tens of millions may have been exposed … Read more

Did God Give America a Great Reprieve?

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To those Americans concerned about the moral state of the nation, the immediate reaction to the November 8 elections was one of enormous relief. It was as if a colossal amount of pressure was suddenly released. There was the thrill of something entirely unexpected. People were overjoyed beyond words. Adding to the intense drama, there … Read more

To Make America Great, Turn Back to God

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More than a White House contest between two candidates, the 2016 election was the groundswell of growing discontent over America’s increasingly socialist tone. Now, thanks be to God, the conservative vote won the White House, Senate and House, and a record number of governorships and statehouse majorities. This reality has brought relief and awakened great … Read more

When the Clowns Take Over

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Fear is spreading throughout the country over the sightings of strange and sinister-looking clowns in towns and neighborhoods. No one knows who they are, where they come from, and why they are appearing. All that is known is that they are “creepy.” Some clowns are trying to lure children to them causing people to rightly … Read more

The #Never Election That Is Making Americans Uneasy

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If there is a consensus about the present election, it is that most people are unhappy with the choices. This can be seen in the fact that many voters are identifying themselves with Twitter hashtags by which they become #never voters who vow never to vote for one candidate or the other (or both). These hashtag-never … Read more

One Thing Was Missing at the Republican and Democratic Conventions

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The national conventions are ended, and battle lines are drawn for the coming elections. Sorting through the rhetoric, something seems to be missing, and it makes this election very different from others. This election brings a change of focus that does not bode well. When billionaire entrepreneur Peter Thiel spoke at the Republican National Convention, … Read more

An American ‘Brexit’ to Nowhere: Three Questions Need Answers First

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There is considerable excitement about the United Kingdom’s Brexit decision to leave the European Union. Many people rightly interpret the vote as a rejection of wrongheaded immigration policies, oppressive regulations and stifling bureaucratic rule from the central European government in Brussels. Brexit was also clearly motivated by a desire to recover national identity and help voters … Read more

A Civics Lesson from a Zulu King

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The chaos of the present election cycle calls to mind a story about the great African king, Shaka (1787-1828), the founder of Southern Africa’s Zulu Empire. It is told that Shaka lamented the slowness of his warriors when they entered into battle. To remedy the problem, he ordered them to take off their sandals to … Read more

Learning How Mighty Nations Fall

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It is dangerous to compare the nation to a corporation.  A nation reflects a whole culture with all its richness, creativity and vivacity. It is an organic entity that has a life of its own that does not appear on spreadsheets. Applying the corporate model to a nation is a modern obsession that often ends … Read more

Who Is Framing the Narrative in the Political Debate?

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Everyone acknowledges that this is not an ordinary election cycle. Almost as confusing as the campaign events are the explanations of those trying to explain why so many bizarre things are happening. Everyone has a take on the political carnival. Is Technology Ruining Your Life? Take A Quick Quiz To Find Out By Clicking Here. … Read more