Immorality Harms Everyone, Not Just Children

Immorality Harms Everyone, Not Just Children

One of the most powerful arguments against the LGBTQ+ agenda is its corruption of young children. People, especially parents, rightly object to their young children being exposed to highly sexualized Drag Queen Story Hours. Others call out city and school governing bodies for the pornographic library books polluting the innocent minds of scandalized children. Pride … Read more

Why Are They Teaching Us Wickedness?

Why Are They Teaching Us Wickedness?

Addressing high school students like me, the group, Young Writers started a nationwide writing contest titled “Twisted Tales: The Words of the Wicked. ” The name gives people a good idea about the subject matter. The contest asks young writers aged ten to eighteen to write short stories from the perspective of a villain or … Read more

Satanic Temple Mocks God by Promoting Abortion

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A harbinger of the continuing decay of American society is the upsurge of Satanism. The Satanic Temple (TST) regularly attempts to make its abhorrent practices look like “mainstream” religious functions. Occasionally, the TST stages highly-publicized and blasphemous public ceremonies as a sign that it is a church just like any other. Its usual mode of … Read more

The Riots: Why Do None Dare Call Them Evil?

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The problem with living in a relativist society is that it takes from us our ability to describe and analyze issues objectively. Amid the current unrest, for example, many people refuse to label actions good or evil. According to this relativistic perspective, acts are morally neutral. We are expected to watch the riots but never … Read more

How the 1619 Project Promotes the Myth of an Evil America

The entire nation should be gravely concerned as the New York Times’s “1619 Project” worms its way into American schools, both public and private. In recognition of this risk, the National Association of Scholars recently hosted a videotaped panel discussion titled 1776 v. 1619: Two Visions for American History. Free Book: Return to Order: From … Read more

Can Pleasure and Pornography Improve Public Health?

“Public health” brings to mind preventing the flu or better dental hygiene. It often incorporates current events like the water crisis in Flint, Michigan or the ongoing controversy over “vaping.” That is not what you will find in the February issue of the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH). The articles in this issue provide … Read more

The Little Girl Satanist Next Door

In a parents’ mind there are few horrors that come close to the sense that their child could be senselessly and seriously harmed. That is the reason that the attempted stabbings of middle school students in Polk County, Florida is so compelling. A Violent Eruption of Evil The would-be assailants were female students at Bartow … Read more

Why Do People Do Such Barbarous Things?

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Hardly a day passes when some barbarous act does not jump to the headlines. Barbarous—there is no other word to describe these vile deeds. Thus, whether it be the sadistic torturing, terrorist beheadings, mass shootings or truck ramming murder sprees (not to mention genocide and war), these acts are becoming ever more common. There is something … Read more

Fidel Castro and the Death of a Man-Symbol

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Much has already been said about the death of Fidel Castro, one of the most brutal dictators in modern history. The expected tributes have come flooding in by those of the liberal establishment who have always supported him. The rightful condemnations are also being registered by all those who defend the oppressed Cuban people. However, … Read more