Satanic Temple Mocks God by Promoting Abortion

Satanic Temple Mocks God by Promoting Abortion
Satanic Temple Mocks God by Promoting Abortion

A harbinger of the continuing decay of American society is the upsurge of Satanism. The Satanic Temple (TST) regularly attempts to make its abhorrent practices look like “mainstream” religious functions. Occasionally, the TST stages highly-publicized and blasphemous public ceremonies as a sign that it is a church just like any other.

Its usual mode of operation is to use the First Amendment to the Constitution as a club to force its way into American culture. Thus, at Christmas, there are stories about the TST constructing shrines near a public Nativity Scene. It also used this justification to establish after-school clubs to promote its dark yet macabre message.

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Motorists near Dallas, Houston, and Miami can see the TST’s most recent perversion of truth. The TST sponsored billboards that carry a simple yet illogical message, “Abortions Save Lives.” Return to Order activists have organized protests wherever the signs appear.

Murder Saves Lives?

The TST’s rationale behind the billboard’s message is summed up in one misleading statement: “Pregnancy complications are the sixth most common cause of death among women between the ages of 20 and 34.” Of course, no mention is made of the number of women who die in their mothers’ wombs through procured abortion. It can never save lives since one life is always lost.

Moreover, even the irrational message is distorted. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that pregnancy complications account for 1.9% of all women’s deaths between age 20 to 44. The figure also includes complications arising from abortions.

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Of course, one would expect no less from the “Father of Lies.”

A Final Act of Hatred

Yet another bizarre reflection of this Satanic activism is playing out in the State of Ohio. In December 2020, Governor DeWine signed a bill that provides aborted babies the dignity of being buried per state law.  Thus, the law recognizes that the remains of unborn babies are those of children, not just cells and tissues.

Satan’s minions are also fighting against the new Ohio law. A spokesman for TST told television station WLWT that “Satanists believe that non-viable fetal tissue is part of the person who carries it. As such, state impositions of ceremonial requirements dictating its disposal, barring any plausible medical or sanitary concerns, violate their ability to contextualize the termination of a pregnancy on their terms.”

In other words, the aborted child is denied a last pitiful remnant of humanity with a dignified burial.

What Mainstreaming of Satanism Means

However, the real reason for this activism is much deeper than campaigns against abortion.

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Satanism promotes hatred for God and all created in His image and likeness. The Satanic Revolution that is increasingly appearing in American culture has the goal of erasing the mark of the Creator. Thus, the Satanists take the offensive by favoring abortion, claiming it to be part of their religious convictions.

Satanism has always been present in the process of the decadence of Western Christian civilization. Since the Middle Ages, the forces of evil have long conspired against the Church since She is the means of salvation. Its mark is usually hidden but occasionally appears, especially in times of revolution and crisis.

Satanism’s open appearance in society’s mainstream today is the culmination of a Revolutionary process that seeks to destroy all things Christian. The final goal is the devil’s illusion that he might be publicly and universally adored by all.

The Christian Reaction to Satanism

Satanists revolt against everything holy and try to make it seem normal. That is why it is so important that Christians everywhere fight it wherever it appears.

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Through its Saint Michael’s Sword program, Return to Order has exercised its right to peacefully and legally protest against Satanism’s rising tide. Friends and supports have gathered together nationwide to oppose the efforts of groups like TST.

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In January, Return to Order activist Jose Ferraz organized rosary rallies at the site of the “Abortion Saves Lives” billboards in all three cities where they appeared. These public expressions of the faith had two functions. First, they informed the general public that TST is actively promoting its dark doctrines in their local communities and can be stopped. The second – and more critical – goal is performing an act of reparation to God for the TST’s blasphemies against God and His Law.

Mr. Ferraz explained. “We know that the devil never rests. The children of light should not be outdone by the devil’s ministers. We need to be ready for spiritual battle with a proportional enthusiasm and faith. After all, we are called the Church Militant for a reason. And we know that God wins in the end. However, He asks that we do our part by standing firmly for the truth.”