Praise for Return to Order – Prof. G. Daniel Harden

Return to Order Praise for Return to Order – Prof. G. Daniel Harden

“John Horvat has put together a compendium of good thinking about a lot of diverse subjects and integrated them into a coherent outline of a worldview. His integrated understanding of diverse human phenomena would be eagerly and widely accepted in the Europe of the Middle Ages. More recently he would likely fall into the company … Read more

A Generation of Monsters

Return to Order A Generation of Monsters 1

Everyone can agree that the horrific massacre of innocent grade-school children in Newtown, Conn. was truly monstrous. It was an event that defies the imagination to conceive how someone might do something so cruel and inhuman. Worse yet, this is not an isolated incident. Similar cases are occurring with greater frequency, prompting many to ask … Read more

What Is Meant By An Inorganic Society?

Return to Order What Is Meant By An Inorganic Society? 1

What would an inorganic society be like? Free Audio Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society—Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go   It would resemble a machine. That is to say, all its parts would be moved by the will of a … Read more

Return to Order Free Desktop Wallpapers

Return to Order Return to Order Free Desktop Wallpapers 2

Return to Order offers you a collection of free desktop wallpapers. Choose from two different designs with four different sizes. Sizes: 1024 X 768, 1079 X 819, 1280 X 800, 1600 X 1200 Sizes: 1024 X 768, 1079 X 864, 1280 X 800, 1600 X 1200

Cryonics: An Example of the False Promises of Technology

Return to Order Cryonics: An Example of the False Promises of Technology 2

At the time of the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century, technology awakened great expectations and enthusiasm. The prospect of a kind of technological utopia electrified the air. There was a subconscious yet unbounded confidence in technology, vaguely analogous to the absolute confidence that Christians once placed in Divine Providence. So great was the hope … Read more

18,000 Hostess Jobs Gone – The Root of the Issue

Return to Order 18,000 Hostess Jobs Gone – The Root of the Issue

Hostess_twinkies-2The reporting of the debate between Hostess and its bakery union is not getting to the core of this issue, a critical one which profoundly affects the economy today: The foundation of amicable employer – employee relationships.

Tragically, under this rule of money, men adopt a corresponding set of values that takes root in society.  We see an entirely different way of looking at life where social, cultural, and moral values are put aside. In their place is a set of values that attaches more importance to quantity over quality, utility over beauty, matter over spirit.

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We Must Fight for America – Not Secede from America

Return to Order We Must Fight for America – Not Secede from America

While we must kill the cancer, we must also defend the body. For this reason, we must also vigorously defend the many excellent values that still exist in America. In the order of economics, we must defend sound principles like private property and free enterprise, which are according to natural law and form the foundation … Read more

The Case Against Secession

Return to Order The Case Against Secession 1

I can understand the angst of many Americans after the last elections. There is the growing sensation that government is not responsive anymore to the needs and desires of countless citizens in the vast red-state heartland.

Many want out and see secession from the Union as a way to leave the problem behind. Others simply want to register their protest and as a knee jerk reaction signed one of the numerous petitions asking for secession. All this is understandable – although if one’s problem with the government has reached the point of asking for secession, the last place I would want my name is on a petition lodged on the databases of the White House’s computers.

While I can understand the frustration, I take issue with secession for several reasons. The first is because I do not think it will resolve the problem. I am only too willing to admit that the federal government inside the beltway leaves much to be desired. However, our federal legislators come from the states. The main problem lies with the insufficiency of our whole political class and it extends across state lines. The dearth of leadership we experience is universal. I do not see any guarantees that the problems that are the cause of so much frustration on the federal level will not repeat themselves on the state level. Exchanging one set of federal unresponsive leaders for a set of similar state leaders hardly seems a solution.

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A Favorite Quote From Return to Order: Elites Are Necessary

Return to Order A Favorite Quote From Return to Order: Elites Are Necessary

One of my favorite quotes from Return to Order is a comment of Ludwig von Mises about the need for elites, heroes and representative characters in society. Our culture of frenetic intemperance has failed to recognize the courage of those who look beyond their own self-interests and consider the needs of the common good. These key figures, who are real heroes need to be honored at all levels in society, for they are responsible for true progress.

Ludwig von Mises states:

“Mankind would never have reached the present state of civilization without heroism and self-sacrifice on the part of an elite. Every step forward on the way toward an improvement of moral conditions has been an achievement of men who were ready to sacrifice their own well-being,

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