The Family Is the Only Thing Missing in Biden’s “American Families Plan”

The latest liberal plan to save the nation is the Administration’s American Families Plan. It is heralded as a lifesaver for struggling families. Finally, Americans can supposedly enjoy the long-overdue benefits similar to those enjoyed by citizens benefiting from Europe’s extensive social safety net. The Plan’s wish list is impressive. There is affordable child care … Read more

Do We Need More Government or Less in Coronavirus Fight?

Does America need more government or less during the Coronavirus crisis? In the face of the challenges of the coronavirus crisis, it is an awkward question. Without quick action, people could lose their homes. Healthy companies could go bankrupt. A strong case exists for government aid. Free Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy … Read more

Little Sisters of the Poor Deserve Mercy!

One of the most shocking executions during the French Revolution was that of four sisters, Gabrielle, Marguerite, Claire and Olympe Vaz de Mello. After the death of their parents, these pious ladies devoted their lives to caring for the sick and downtrodden. In spite of their goodness, or rather because of it, they were dragged … Read more

Winston Churchill, Charlie Gard, and Alfie Evans

Return to Order Winston Churchill, Charlie Gard, and Alfie Evans

It is possible to see 1945 as the watershed of the twentieth century. The fall of Nazi Germany, the capitulation of Japan, the first use of atomic weapons, the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Yalta and Potsdam conferences, and the beginning of the Cold War all happened during that epic twelve months. Within the … Read more

Framing the Obesity Crisis: What the Healthcare Establishment Gets Wrong

Return to Order Framing the Obesity Crisis: What the Healthcare Establishment Gets Wrong

The problem of obesity is extremely widespread in America. Many see it as simply a health issue. Most healthcare professionals are not framing the issue right. To do this, they would need to go to the root of the problem and look at it as a moral issue. This is because people ultimately make the … Read more

Rediscovering the Ideal Healthcare Plan

Return to Order Rediscovering the Ideal Healthcare Plan

There is a prevailing idea that healthcare plans are necessarily complex and expensive schemes. There was, however, an ideal healthcare plan in the distant past that was amazingly simple. The plan did not list its benefits, clinical metrics or financial data. The main emphasis of this plan was not so much on a plan but … Read more