Supreme Court Chooses Shame in Profanity Cheerleader Case

A seemingly insignificant incident made the headlines that should fill us all with shame. The Supreme Court overwhelmingly ruled in favor of a former cheerleader punished by her high school for a profanity-laced Snapchat post criticizing an official decision. The 8-1 decision was celebrated as a triumph of First Amendment freedom. Because the post was … Read more

Nickelodeon’s Pro-Homosexual Programming Pushes Ratings Down

The children’s cable television network, Nickelodeon, has gone “all-in” on its support of the homosexual agenda while its ratings have plummeted. This drastic change should be a major story. Hollywood should take action. Nickelodeon’s rating chart tells the tale. For the week ending January 15, 2017, its average audience was 1.2 million viewers. Three-and-a-half years … Read more

How Far Can Transgender Tyranny Go?

In the “woke” world, nothing trumps the impossible quest to change one’s sex. Two recent events highlight this tragic conclusion. The first case concerns a prisoner’s transfer in the California penal system. He “identifies” as a woman and will soon transfer to a women’s prison. The second incident comes from free-lance family defender Elizabeth Johnston. … Read more

Satanic Bias: Closed Churches and Open Strip Clubs

In the face of the coronavirus crisis, real leaders should help establish the seriousness of the threat. Nevertheless, in many places, they are failing miserably.  Their misguided decisions provide ammunition for corona-skeptics to question unfairly applied restrictions and fuel conspiracy theories about hidden agendas. In many jurisdictions, COVID pandemic measures appear to be biased against … Read more

Why Fatherlessness Is the Core of Family and Societal Problems

Several (probably apocryphal) stories about British Queen Victoria (1819-1901) tell about her ability not to see things that she did not want to see. One such tale involves a protest at Oxford University during Her Majesty’s visit. When the Chancellor of Oxford later apologized for the “unruly students,” the Queen is supposed to have replied, … Read more

Here Are the Victims of the “Virtue” of Tolerance

The modern mania for tolerance is an insidious tool of the Great Deceiver. It goes by other names as well – acceptance, accompaniment, and being non-judgmental. The modern world and media praise behavior that displays these attributes. Many people believe that the only necessary virtue is tolerance. Proclaiming the truth is an aggressive act. Libertarians, … Read more

This Is the Ahmari-French Debate That Should Have Happened

If you ask those who attended the debate between Sohrab Ahmari and David French at Catholic University, who won the encounter, you will get different answers. Some will say David French displayed superior legal knowledge and a lawyer’s logic. On the other hand, Sohrab Ahmari let loose some powerful jabs that asked the right questions. … Read more