How Far Can Transgender Tyranny Go?

How Far Can Transgender Tyranny Go?
How Far Can Transgender Tyranny Go?

In the “woke” world, nothing trumps the impossible quest to change one’s sex.

Two recent events highlight this tragic conclusion. The first case concerns a prisoner’s transfer in the California penal system. He “identifies” as a woman and will soon transfer to a women’s prison. The second incident comes from free-lance family defender Elizabeth Johnston. She covered a meeting in which the Wake County, North Carolina PTA discussed using “preferred pronouns” for students.

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However different these cases may be, they lead to the same conclusion.

A Heinous Crime

According to the Palm Springs, California Desert Sun newspaper, Jason Michael Hann was convicted of killing his two children a few weeks after they were born. He killed his infant son in 1999 and later his daughter in 2001. His girlfriend – mother of the children – was also implicated in the murders. When the police arrested them, they had a third infant living with them, who was placed in protected services and later adopted.

Mr. Hann was convicted of the boy’s death in Maine, receiving a life sentence. He was extradited to California to stand trial for the murder of the little girl and was sentenced to death. The death penalty in California remains legal, although the last execution was in 2006. Mr. Hann remains on death row.

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Currently, all executions were placed under a “moratorium” when Gov. Newsom signed Executive Order N-09-19 on March 13, 2019.

An Absurdity Dressed Up as Law

After fathering these three children and killing two of them, Jason Hann decided that he wanted to be a woman. He applied for and underwent some undisclosed procedures at state expense. Around the beginning of February 2020, he was moved to the Central California Women’s Facility death row. His former girlfriend and partner in crime is incarcerated in the same prison. The brutal murderer is known there as “Jessica.”

This accommodating prison policy later became law when Gav. Gavin Newsome signed the “The Transgender Respect, Agency, and Dignity Act” on September 26, 2020. The law justifies itself by pointing out that “a study of the state’s prisons found that the rate of sexual assault for transgender women in those prisons was 13 times higher than for men in the same prisons.”

According to the Daily Caller website, Mr. Hann is one of 261 inmates who requested such transfers. All but six requested transfers from men’s to women’s prisons.

Who Decides for the Child?

The North Carolina situation is equally absurd but is far closer to home for many parents.

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On March 20, 2021, the Wake County (North Carolina) PTA conducted a virtual “Diversity and Equity Conference.” Kori Hennessey, currently the “Director of Education & Programs” at the LGBT Center of Raleigh, moderated “Transgender 101.” Mr. Hennessey does not like to be referred to as “him.” His preferred pronoun is “them.”

Activist and homeschool mom Kari Donovan posted her eleven-minute video of the session. Presumably, the participants did not know that their conversation was being recorded. Readers can watch the video on Elizabeth Johnston’s website. A partial transcript is available on DJHJ Media.

The issues under discussion are shocking since officials consider which pronoun should be used when children want to be known by something other than their natural sex. They strategize about how to deal with children’s parents who object.

Sidestepping the Law

Current North Carolina law says that the school cannot change a child’s name without the parent’s permission.  Since most “transgender” children want to be known by a new name, the assumption is that pronouns receive similar treatment.

All conference participants appear to believe that it is the children’s right to be known by whatever name and pronouns they want. They seem to be trying to find a line that accommodates this desire without holding the school responsible before the law.

One person asked, “Can the school give the children resources and affirm the child without the parent’s support? Mr. Hennessey’s incoherent and rambling response ended with, “you don’t need to be connecting or contacting the parents for every little thing, right?”

Others chimed in approvingly, including one who blithely likened the new pronoun use to using a nickname or a child’s initials instead of a legal name.

Another participant responded, “But really, to be affirming, you can use their names in the classroom like as you are referring to them, and that goes miles with students. That is what they really want. Can you use my correct pronouns and my correct name? I cannot tell you how many times working with youth that I hear, ‘My teacher won’t use my correct pronouns, they purposefully misgender me, they purposefully use the wrong name’…. Wherever it comes from, a lot of it is fueled by bias.”

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This snippet displays two things. First, they all think that this issue is (or should be) a little thing. Second, they all assume that the “correct” name and pronoun is whatever the child wants. The legal record makes no difference. The law that affirms the parents’ rights is an obstacle to be avoided. Since it confirms the parents’ “bias,” it is irrelevant.

No parents in the school district have had their children taken away because of their bias. However, at least one case has happened elsewhere. The Heritage Foundation speculates that the proposed “Equality Act” could trigger such action. They point out that lawsuits have been filed against Catholic Hospitals that refuse to perform sex-change surgeries, based on New Jersey and California laws with language similar to that in the Equality Act.

The Wave of the Future?

These situations are mere preludes to the type of drama that “advocates” hope will soon become a universal policy that will “normalize” the actions of those who violate God’s Will and nature’s laws about being male or female. These measures will also force the acceptance of such behaviors and usages upon all society. Stopping this immoral tide will take diligence and courage since “transgender” tyranny will tolerate no limits. Defending God’s Law can cause Christians to be insulted, despised and persecuted.

That is, however, the price for the joy of hearing Our Lord say, “Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

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