The Family Is the Only Thing Missing in Biden’s “American Families Plan”

The latest liberal plan to save the nation is the Administration’s American Families Plan. It is heralded as a lifesaver for struggling families. Finally, Americans can supposedly enjoy the long-overdue benefits similar to those enjoyed by citizens benefiting from Europe’s extensive social safety net. The Plan’s wish list is impressive. There is affordable child care … Read more

Why Joe Biden’s Rosary Is So Important

President Joe Biden’s insistence on his good standing with the Catholic Church is at odds with his positions on procured abortion, same-sex “marriage,” socialism and “transgender” activism. He is the second Catholic president in the nation’s history, and in the short time he has been in office, the most anti-Catholic one. He has managed to … Read more

Who Was Cesar Chavez and Why Is He in the Oval Office?

On a table in the Oval Office, President Joe Biden keeps framed pictures and busts of those who served as inspiration throughout his long political career. One bust features Cesar Chavez, a distant figure from the sixties. He seems disconnected from the present world. However, such a conclusion is a great mistake. Who was Cesar … Read more

Putting the Capitol Invasion, Joe Biden, and American Politics in Perspective

Putting the Capitol Invasion, Joe Biden, and American Politics in Perspective

Following the Capitol invasion and Joe Biden’s inauguration, most American conservatives are feeling disoriented, fearful and even in despair about America’s future. This is not entirely unreasonable. Democrats want to impose California-style election laws on the whole country, admit the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as states and outright persecute conservative speech – ensuring … Read more