19 Leftist Contradictions about the Coronavirus Crisis

19 Leftist Contradictions about the Coronavirus Crisis
19 Leftist Contradictions about the Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus crisis has turned the world upside down. Nowhere is this more evident than in the political battles now raging around how to deal with the crisis. Not only has the Culture War not ended, but it intensified. Things are rapidly degenerating into the realm of the unimaginable.

The most dramatic changes are those taking place on the left. Liberal premises long considered sacred are being toppled. The world is left puzzled by the contradiction of those who once proclaimed one position but now rabidly take a contrary stand.

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The left has always portrayed itself inside the liberal model of promoting absolute freedom and equality. That no longer holds. The crisis has unleashed a new offensive against all who oppose the left’s subversive agenda.

Thus, a list of liberal contradictions can be compiled that shows the real face of the left.

Here is a first list:

1. Many who loudly gloat about bridges and hatred of walls and everything associated with them are now screaming that everyone must be walled-in-place, stay at home, until further notice;

2. Many who demand free love with no personal restraints are now fanatically in favor of social distancing to the point of denouncing neighbors and others;

3. Many who insist all lockdown procedures are needed and worth the economic destruction “if only to save onelife,” nevertheless demand all abortion facilities be left open, calling them essential and life-sustaining businesses;

4. Many who called for complete transparency now insist that everyone out and about cover their faces with a mask;

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5. Many who once favored absolute freedom in daily life now insist on an almost militarized lifestyle;

6. Many who insist that science is a god to be worshipped in this crisis are strangely silent when “expert” models like the London Imperial College’s COVID-19 study, are proven to have grossly overestimated the scourge’s lethality;

7. Many who unashamedly defended euthanasia claiming that quality of life should determine when the government should put an end to the right to life of the elderly, now hold that every elderly life is precious regardless of its quality (while still excoriating anti-euthanasia conservatives, who have always stated this truth!);

8. Many who protested against the police’s use of force to stop crime and illegality now applaud brutal police action against law-abiding citizens protesting outside abortion mills who were falsely accused of violating stay-at-home orders or maintaining social distancing;

9. Many who imposed evolution and natural selection in schools, treating them as dogma that can never be questioned, now believe they must be suspended in regards to coronavirus victims;

10. Many who proclaim that the virus could never be a punishment from God affirm it is the revenge of “Mother Earth” for so-called sins against the environment;

11. Many who once denounced all censorship as a violation of absolute freedom now praise social media sites that censor content that is critical of Chinese communist handling of the crisis;

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12. Many who claim that the Trump administration chose money over lives, now loudly complain that their stimulus checks are late;

13. Many who protested to support the cause of workers are now fierce critics of workers who are protesting in the streets and at state capitols because they want to return to work;

14. Many who urged the release of prisoners to avoid contagion by the virus, now demand severe punishment, including fines and imprisonment, for law-abiding Americans opposed to the lockdown;

15. Many who used to insist that change be ushered in by democratic means by “we the people,” now see the crisis as a golden opportunity for dictatorial governors running amok to impose on society the radical change engineered by “experts” whom, they claim, know better than the American people what is good for them;

16. Many who protested the globalism of multinational companies now urge global solutions and governing mechanisms and the imposition of a new world order;

17. Many who claimed to favor religious freedom now demand the closure of churches in the name of safety and public health;

18. Many who have protested against the Establishment now favor denying lockdown protesters that same right;

19. Many who decried attempts made against privacy are now willing to surrender all kinds of personal information to fight the virus—and demand that everyone else should be compelled to do the same.

This partial list of contradictions is only an apparent clash of opinions.

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The left is driven by a subversive ideology. Having failed to persuade the general public by strength of argument, they now see the crisis as a means to impose radical changes implemented by globalists, “experts” and technocrats who claim to act in the name of public safety.  Thus, it uses any means, even when contradictory, to effect this change. Sometimes, the left clamors for unrestrained freedom so that the destructive power of disordered human passions can be used to tear down traditional order and morality. At other times, like the present, the left extols totalitarian brutality and advocates its implementation to impose equality, reducing everyone to serfdom, the victims of a single and leveling rule.

The left’s Jacobin and brutal side is now easy to see. They no longer hide behind their old masks and structures, pretending to uphold democracy.  America’s coronavirus-face-masked Jacobin left is fully unmasked.

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