These Are the Magnificent Things People See at the Biltmore


Over the Christmas holidays, I — and thousands of others — visited the Biltmore Estate near Asheville, North Carolina. Built by George Washington Vanderbilt in the waning days of the nineteenth century, it is America’s largest privately-owned dwelling. Mr. Vanderbilt’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren have dedicated themselves to preserving it and opening it to the public. … Read more

Fostering an Organic Society: The Value of Every Person

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Excerpt from the talk, “Fostering an Organic Society: Principles and Examples” given by James Bascom at the 2013 TFP National Conference on October 27, 2013 The first principle is that within every man there are potentialities that must be developed. Every man is born with an enormous variety of qualities, propensities, and strengths that seek … Read more

Organic Christian Society and the Second Amendment

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The right to keep and bear arms is enshrined in our American Constitution and culture to the point that many think this right is uniquely American. However, the historical evidence is quite surprising. Pre-modern and pre-industrial cultures also promoted arms ownership. Organic Christian society recognized the natural-law right of the family to defend itself from … Read more

Secularism and the Absence of the Sublime

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Secular society is the logical consequence of a predominantly materialistic society. By secular society, we do not wish to affirm that God is denied. Quite to the contrary, personal belief in God is allowed and even encouraged as long as it is confined to the personal realm. A secular society in general is officially purged … Read more

Confiding in Our Lady at TFP-Louisiana Conference

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The conference theme was “Who Confides, Wins: Rallying at Our Lady’s Feet for Her Triumph.” It could not have been more apropos as participants stood up to welcome the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima that unexpectedly visited the event. Tradition, Family, Property—Louisiana held its 2018 Regional Conference at its headquarters in … Read more

Finding Meaning in the Oldest Prayer to Our Lady

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Many might think that the oldest prayer to Our Lady is the “Hail Mary.” However, another ancient prayer to Our Lady claims this honor. It is titled, “Sub Tuum Praesidium” or translated, “We Fly to Thy Patronage.” It is true that the first part of the “Hail Mary” was spoken to Our Lady by the … Read more

Understanding the Cross in a “Way of the Cross” Society

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The following excerpt is taken from a speech titled “A Way of the Cross Society,” delivered at the American TFP’s 2014 National Conference on October 25th, in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. And so we need a “Way of the Cross” society. But not just any way and not just any cross.   Free Book: Return to … Read more

The Opioid Crisis: A Spiritual Solution

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An opioid crisis is devastating America. Every day, more than ninety Americans die by overdosing on these new killers. The crisis involves the misuse of and addiction to opioids such as prescription pain relievers, fentanyl and heroin. New powerful synthetic opioids have become especially deadly. Too many people mistakenly reduce the problem to materialistic causes. … Read more

Christmas: “The Most Audacious Dream Imaginable”

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Adapted from Return to Order If by “dream,” we mean the process by which we idealize our goals in society. This type of dream sustained by grace is what the Church proposed and spread throughout Christendom. It is what Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira called the “most striking, indisputable, and audacious dream imaginable.”1 Free Book: … Read more