The Amazing Origins of the Most Beautiful Christmas Song

Return to Order Christmas Novena 2

Far beyond the ocean, in a valley in the Austrian Alps, lies the age-old village of Oberndorf, looking now much as it did one, two, or three hundred years ago. In the center of the village, near a swift-flowing stream, stands a whitewashed church with a tall red-topped steeple. The low houses, their slanting roofs … Read more

Seven Sublime Ways to Make Christmas Merry Again

Christmas Tree

Christmas should be a time of great joy, but oftentimes it isn’t. Perhaps the joy is lost in the season’s gaudy and frantic commercialization that has turned a great holy day into a secular holiday. There is also the loud revelry of winter parties present that tends to suffocate the memories of calm Christmases past. … Read more

Christmas Outside the Box

Return to Order Christmas Outside the Box 1

As I was reading an article on an online news site, I chanced upon an advertisement for a beautiful Christmas tree. Indeed, it was an actual Christmas tree, not a holiday, winter or sparkle tree that celebrates some unknown winter solstice festivity. This letter unapologetically used the word Christmas and the tree actually looked inviting … Read more

Christ at the White House Inn

Return to Order Christmas Novena 8

As Christmas approaches, there is much talk of a post-Christian America. No one can dispute that the Christ Child finds no place in many secular hearts. For these, Christmas is merely a time of holiday and sparkle with little real significance. Over the ages, so many have followed the route of those who dismiss Christmas … Read more

How Do We Build an Organic Society?

Return to Order How Do We Build an Organic Society? 1

Upon describing organic society, questions remain as to how we might build such a society. The answer is quite simple. We must do it in the same manner as our ancestors did at the dawn of this civilization. We must understand, as they understood, that it is not enough that we follow the Ten Commandments … Read more

Finding the Sublime in Unlikely Places

Return to Order Finding the Sublime in Unlikely Places 2

By Francis Slobodnik. One of the essential elements in a return to order is a return to the idea of the sublime. According to Sir Edmund Burke, “the sublime is the strongest emotion which the mind is capable of feeling.”  John Horvat II, author of Return to Order, defines the sublime with the following words: … Read more

Wisdom: the Highest Cause of Things

Return to Order Saint Albert the Great: Why Property is Needed 1

Excerpt from the talk, “Wisdom: The Foundation of an Organic Christian Society” given by John Horvat II at the 2013 TFP National Conference on October 26, 2013 As I said before, wisdom is to know the highest cause. I like very much the explanation of wisdom of German philosopher Josef Pieper. He says: “To know … Read more

Return to Order: A Luminous Path to a Future Solution

Return to Order Return to Order: A Luminous Path to a Future Solution 1

By Nelson Fragelli. It is not often that one reads a book like Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society—Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here and Where We Need to Go. Author John Horvat II presents an overview of the crisis inside modern economy and society and sketches a luminous … Read more

America Prays the Rosary In Massive Public Events

Return to Order America Prays the Rosary In Massive Public Events 3

So many times, I look out at the general moral rottenness and grieve for the nation. I grieve because our decadence appears so overwhelming and it makes me fear the righteous justice of God who is deeply offended by the sins of men. However, this October 14, I felt an immense hope for the country. … Read more

Finding Return to Order in the Book of Proverbs

Return to Order Finding Return to Order in the Book of Proverbs 1

Some time ago, I received a very kind letter from a mother of eight who found a novel way to apply the principles of Return to Order. She suggested a study of the Book of Proverbs from the Bible as “Step One in Implementing Return to Order in Your Life.”  It is a very interesting … Read more