Should High School Debaters be Forced to Promote Marxism and Leninism?

Should High School Debaters be Forced to Promote Marxism and Leninism?

Like many students, I benefited immensely from my experience as a high school debater. In addition to the basics of public speaking, debate helps students learn to think on their feet, look at an issue from various perspectives, use evidence to back up assertions and evaluate the effectiveness of multiple arguments. In my teaching career, … Read more

President Biden: End Cuba’s Communist Regime Once and for All

President Biden: End Cuba’s Communist Regime Once and for All

As the Communist Cuban government brutally suppresses protests in the streets, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) joins those who deplore Marxism in all its forms to demand an end to the country’s communist dictatorship. The time has come to rally around the abandoned Cuban people that have suffered … Read more

Why Leftists Keep Backing Cuba’s Communist Regime

The way the world treats Cuba is a mystery. There is no other way to describe it. Any ruthless military dictatorship should be denounced and ostracized. In the case of Cuba, there can be no excuse for failing to condemn its human rights abuses and or expose its socialist-driven poverty. Its rabid persecution of the … Read more

Defeating the Arguments Favoring Critical Race Theory At Public Meetings

The battle over Critical Race Theory (CRT) is heating up in school board meetings, state legislatures, and in the Nation’s Capital. Several states are considering legislation banning CRT in classrooms. As of this writing, five states have passed them. However, that situation is fluid as schools prepare to open in the fall. Many readers might … Read more

Rejecting Critical Race Theory Is Possible and Happening in America

American parents and communities are increasingly rejecting “Critical Race Theory (CRT).” Two representative cases are stunning examples of this rejection. In the Rockwood School District in Missouri, administrators tried to sweep CRT under the rug. In the Carroll Independent School District in Texas, voters openly rejected it. Both reactions resemble the recent rejection of the late … Read more

Making Sense of the Chaos that is Destroying America

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the breakup of the Soviet Union, the world’s first communist state. In 1991, the Western world was euphoric at the supposed “death” of communism and the end of the Cold War. The suddenness with which both the USSR and the Berlin Wall fell led some observers to believe … Read more

The Great Reset ‘Feeds Secularization’ and Paves Way for ‘De-Christianized Society’

The World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” initiative will communize capitalism, technocratize society, feed secularization, and pave the way for a de-Christianized world, Italian philosophy professor Renato Cristin has warned. The proposal, backed by world leaders and which aims to create a more sustainable future and build solidarity after the coronavirus crisis, would “exacerbate” the current … Read more