The Real Issue at the Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearings

Everyone knows the Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearings are not about Amy Coney Barrett, her qualifications or the Constitution. Of course, everyone goes through the theatrics of what the hearings are supposed to be. The Senate Judiciary Committee’s liberal members will dutifully cast themselves as the Constitution’s guardians. They will dramatically insist that the nominee … Read more

Making the Case for America’s Return to Order

Making the Case for America’s Return to Order

If there are gongs that sound in history, one of them would have struck on January 22, 2019. It was a day of infamy for America, the Church and the family. On that 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and to wild applause, we saw the fast-track approval and signing of the nation’s most radical … Read more

Charlottesville: A Clash of False Alternatives

Return to Order Charlottesville: A Clash of False Alternatives 1

The events in Charlottesville have shaken the nation, and many have rightly condemned the violence at the August 12 protest that resulted in one tragic death and many wounded. Some were hesitant to make a sweeping condemnation pointing to the violence of the counter-protesters as a factor that must also be considered. Others feared that the … Read more

The War of the Straitjackets

Return to Order To Make America Great, Turn Back to God

Looking at the political climate, America’s present condition can be seen as a war of the straitjackets. On one side, there are those who rightfully claim that society needs God and a moral law as a necessary condition for freedom and prosperity. These fight to conserve the remnants of this law. On the other side … Read more