What Does It Mean to Be Catholic? The President, the Cardinal, and Communion for Pro-Abortion Politicians

In this age of secularism, when political life is separate from religious life, it is commendable that a United States President presents himself as a practicing Catholic and publicly participates in the Church’s sacraments. However, President Biden’s Catholicism is sui generis. He does not follow Catholic doctrine and morals concerning procured abortion and homosexual sin. … Read more

Putting the Capitol Invasion, Joe Biden, and American Politics in Perspective

Putting the Capitol Invasion, Joe Biden, and American Politics in Perspective

Following the Capitol invasion and Joe Biden’s inauguration, most American conservatives are feeling disoriented, fearful and even in despair about America’s future. This is not entirely unreasonable. Democrats want to impose California-style election laws on the whole country, admit the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as states and outright persecute conservative speech – ensuring … Read more

Why Do They Invoke the God Whose Law They Ignore?

President Biden’s inauguration ceremony was full of symbolism and imponderables. Tension in the air dominated the empty mall as thousands of National Guard troops surrounded the Capitol. The scene was marked not with somber solemnity but nervous inquietude in the face of a divided nation. One curious observation about the ceremony was its profoundly religious … Read more

The Coming Presidential Primaries Will Be Full of Empty Candidates

Emptiness is defined negatively as the absence of something. It can involve structures which are not occupied or filled, as in empty bottles. Emptiness can refer to situations lacking reality, substance or meaning, as in empty pleasures. Actions can be empty when they have no consequences, as in empty gestures or threats. As the presidential … Read more

Four Things That Should Be in the State of the Union Address

Return to Order Report Card: How Does America Rate One Year After the Election?

The Constitution suggests that the President inform Congress about the state of the Union from time to time. Under normal circumstances, the purpose of the speech should be to unify the country. However, in the present climate of polarization, it has served to accentuate divisions. Indeed, the one thing we do not expect from the … Read more