Is Mom’s Apple Pie a Symbol of Oppression?

There is nothing more American than mom’s apple pie. The image of the hot sugar-crusted pie is seared on the memory of countless Americans. Variations of this tasty dessert belong to all American mothers regardless of race or ethnic origin. However, leave it to progressive demagogues to find a way to tear down this cultural … Read more

17 Reasons Why the Left Hates the Catholic Faith

As leftist activism and violence increase, Americans must understand that the leftist agenda represents not just a political movement but a worldview contrary to that of the Catholic Faith. Wherever the left has dominated, a radical hatred toward the Faith and those who belong to it is displayed. However, until the left is in control, … Read more

Understanding the Social Function of Private Property

Free enterprise and private property have some rather strange supporters around the world. While professing to be ardent anticommunists, these supporters always advocate some restrictions on private property or free enterprise when proposing solutions for socio-economic problems. The greater the limitations, the more they rejoice. Their justification is always the same: Private property and free … Read more

I’m Catholic. Can I Disagree With Pope Francis on Property?

Pope Francis’s encyclical Fratelli Tutti presents a dilemma for all who defend the right of private property. On the one hand, the teaching document Pope Francis signed on October 3 questions this right. On the other, past popes, theologians, and canonists have always taught that private ownership, as it is largely practiced, is just and … Read more

How Looters Will Make Slaves of Us All

Rioting and looting are happening in many places across America. All it takes is a small incident, and protesters suddenly lay waste to downtown areas and take merchandise from businesses. Many decry the actions as lamentable. Some blame the problem on “outside agitators.” Others try to excuse the acts as the excesses of “mostly peaceful … Read more

Why Your Beautiful Lawn Is now a Racist and Ecological Crime

Once again, a traditional symbol has become a target of those who attack private property rights and the American way of life. In this case, the symbol is the lawn – those closely-cropped grassy areas that surround most single-family homes. The basis for the attack is very typically environmentalism and racism. The messenger is an … Read more

Why Private Property Is Needed

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The need for private property is hardly a mystery. From time immemorial, property has existed and can be justified by simple common sense. Aristotle gives four such reasons that can be applied to both his times and our own. We quote from economic historian Odd Langholm who summarizes these four reasons: First, if property is … Read more