Green Madness Tries to Destroy the Netherlands

In early 2020, I had the honor of editing the book Green is the New Red, which was put together by a study committee of the Civitas Christiana Foundation. We sought to denounce the environmentalist maneuvers and help the Netherlands face the threats that, in the name of ecology, daily menace the sectors that still … Read more

How the Atlantic Makes a Radical Attack on the Family

In the days when the United States would admit that hierarchy was a part of its national life, two groups occupied the pinnacle – the First Families of Virginia (FFV’s) and the Boston Brahmins. Both had lineages that went back to the earliest English settlements in North America – Jamestown and Plymouth. In today’s egalitarian … Read more

True Femininity Will Clash with Radical Feminist Theme on March 8


International Women’s Day (March 8) is upon us once again. As they have been doing for decades, feminists will use the occasion to push their radical egalitarian, socialist and anti-women agenda. This year’s feminist slogan is Each for Equal which advocates radical and complete egalitarianism, ignores the unique, special and God-given gifts of women, which … Read more

When Radical Is Not Radical Enough in American Education

When Radical Is Not Radical Enough in American Education

For a least a half-century, American education has been run by an informal alliance of five groups. The coalition consists of the faculty of schools of education, associations of school administrators, the two major teachers’ unions, the U.S. Department of Education and its state counterparts and the civil rights establishment. What unites this diverse group … Read more

Women’s March Feminists Brawl Over Who is More Equal

Identity politics requires each constituent group to be politically unified. In this way, activists can claim to speak in the name of a given oppressed identity group. Feminism has always had a problem with this unity. The woman’s movement claims to represent all oppressed women everywhere. However, Christians, pro-life women, homeschooling mothers, and other women … Read more