True Femininity Will Clash with Radical Feminist Theme on March 8

lady-day-2020International Women’s Day (March 8) is upon us once again. As they have been doing for decades, feminists will use the occasion to push their radical egalitarian, socialist and anti-women agenda.

This year’s feminist slogan is Each for Equal which advocates radical and complete egalitarianism, ignores the unique, special and God-given gifts of women, which is a way to destroy the natural distinction, differences and complementarity of the two sexes.

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In contrast, Lady Day is also celebrated on March 8th.

This year’s Lady Day will celebrate grace, charm and true femininity.

It is being carried out under the noble patronage of Her Highness Duchess Pilar von Oldenburg.

Ladies are encouraged to celebrate the grace and charm of true femininity by visiting a shrine of the Blessed Mother and gathering with other ladies for tea at home or in a tea house.

Started by the Socialist movement in 1911, International Women’s Day gatherings reveal a diabolical hatred for God, harmonies inequality and the complementarity of the two sexes, as they seek to eliminate the unique role of women in Christian civilization.

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lady-day-2020-1This self-centered rebellion celebrates vulgarity, impurity and rejects all things traditionally seen as feminine. This radical and demeaning feminism leads to abortion and the suppression of motherhood. Women are encouraged to act in uncouth, vulgar ways in the pursuit of empty promises of worldly careers, immorality and birth-control.

The celebration of the grace, charm and true femininity is a fitting reply to those who would applaud the complete lack of sexual and moral restraint that has tragically becomes so much a part of our popular culture.

As Jason Evert, Catholic author and chastity speaker writes:

“Authentic femininity is a combination of class, tenderness and virtue. When a woman possesses these traits, a man will naturally want to be more of a gentleman around her.”

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Enthusiasm from previous Lady Day participants

Over the last few years, many ladies have found deep satisfaction in participating in Lady Day celebrations.

Some have shared their impressions with Return to Order, such as Mrs. Brenda Asso from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who wrote:

“In celebrating Lady’s Day, we enjoy getting dressed up in our finest, celebrating our vocations as mothers, and having a delightful luncheon. The best part, however, is our Hour of Adoration. It is a grace filled event as we petition our Lady of Sorrows for wisdom and guidance, and asking her that all women gain the wisdom to realize the preciousness of their femininity. It is a joyful and blessed event.”

Then there is Mrs. Jean Weymier from South Bend, Wisconsin, who wrote:

“I enjoy being part of the movement to bring back respect for the true feminine ideal. To gather with other like-minded women reminds us that this ideal is not dead as the feminists would like to think. People like to see women dressing modestly and with class. Hopefully, we will be a good example that they will want to follow.”

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Mrs. Collette Zimmerman from Cecil, Pennsylvania, writes:

“My daughters and I always enjoy celebrating Lady Day by making a beautiful tea. It makes me sad to see women leaving homes and children, even young babies, to go do ‘better’ work. My girls’ eyes light up when they see value restored to true femininity. So precious! I love how God made women with our natural roles and responsibilities inside the family.”

Ladies in other countries also experience great enthusiasm for Lady Day, as Marie-Thérèse Roy from Canada writes:

“What a most delightful initiative, this new and inspiring name for March 8th! Frankly, I never bonded with the up-to-now title of ‘International Women’s Day’… since it heralded mostly a deviated feminism to which I never gave any allegiance whatsoever. From now on, I shall cherish this day as a gift to the real vocation of womanhood!”

Lady Day Celebration on Special Day: Sunday

This year, Lady Day falls on a special day, which is Sunday. So many ladies already go to Mass dressed with elegance and grace in what is usually called our “Sunday best.” It won’t then be too much of a stretch to celebrate Lady Day 2020, to visit a shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to take tea at a tea house, to visit family, or to go to a finer restaurant.

Those who participate in Lady Day are kindly asked to share pictures of their Lady Day outing on your Facebook page and on The Return To Order Facebook page. When posting please use the tag #ladyday. Also, please send me a copy at Return to Order: [email protected]. Thank you.


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Her Highness Duchess Pilar von Oldenburg

Lady Day 2020 is carried out under the noble patronage of Her Highness Duchess Pilar von Oldenburg. She is married to His Highness Duke Paul von Oldenburg. They have five children. Lady Day 2020 is coordinated by Return to Order For more information on Lady Day 2020, please call 888-317-5571.