The Issue Is Never the Issue—The Real Issue Is the Revolution

The horrible choking death on May 25 of black American George Floyd by white former Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin caused universal outrage across the American political spectrum. Conservatives no less than liberals called for Chauvin to be charged with murder. The Hennepin County, Minnesota attorney is charging Chauvin—who kept Floyd in a chokehold on the … Read more

These Are Not Riots. This is Revolution

In the face of the violence and rioting rocking the country, we face a painful reality. While all must deplore the death of George Floyd, we must recognize that the riots reflect a society in crisis, not bad law enforcement policies or “systemic” injustice. We need to acknowledge a much greater problem than racism—which is … Read more

This Is Why Woodstock 50 Was Just Canceled

This Is Why Woodstock 50 Was Just Canceled

Of the rock festivals of the sixties, the Woodstock Music and Art Fair was by far the most famous. Held on a 600-acre dairy farm near Bethel, N.Y. on August 15–17, 1969, the festival is the iconic representation of the drug-addled culture and sexual revolution that upended American life. This August marks the fiftieth anniversary … Read more

Legends About Luther: The 95 Theses He Never Nailed Up

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Every revolution needs legends to capture the imagination of its followers. It needs some act of defiance in which a major character charges into the mouth of the lion and plants his manifesto for all to see. Such is the case of the October 31 commemoration of the five hundredth anniversary of Luther’s nailing of his … Read more

Why Millennials Don’t Follow the Liberal Narrative

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The standard narrative about today’s millennials is that they are unpredictable. They are very fluid and undefined. Despite this changeability, most people automatically assume that millennials are predictably liberal. The facts, however, tell a different story. Researchers who study the habits and attitudes of millennials do not support this forgone conclusion. Indeed, liberal-minded people are … Read more

The Christmas of a Chouan

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From 1793 to 1800, the region of Fougères, in Northeast France, was the scene of the epic struggle of the Chouans. The Chouans were peasants who rose up against the French Revolution in defence of the Monarchy and the Church. One winter’s night in 1795, a column of soldiers of the revolutionary Republic was making … Read more

Fidel Castro and the Death of a Man-Symbol

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Much has already been said about the death of Fidel Castro, one of the most brutal dictators in modern history. The expected tributes have come flooding in by those of the liberal establishment who have always supported him. The rightful condemnations are also being registered by all those who defend the oppressed Cuban people. However, … Read more