No Coexistence: When Crusaders Clash with Satanists at Historic Cross

Satan showed his ugly head and was crushed by the Virgin at the Bladensburg Cross Memorial in Maryland. Followers of the Satanic Temple planned a July 10 rally at the Bladensburg cross in Maryland to declare the controversial cross to be a symbol for Satanists. However, Satan received a mighty blow when the temple members … Read more

Satanic Temple Mocks God by Promoting Abortion

Return to Order Homosexual Ideology, Satanic Pride

A harbinger of the continuing decay of American society is the upsurge of Satanism. The Satanic Temple (TST) regularly attempts to make its abhorrent practices look like “mainstream” religious functions. Occasionally, the TST stages highly-publicized and blasphemous public ceremonies as a sign that it is a church just like any other. Its usual mode of … Read more

Prayer and Support Police Rallies to Blanket America

If there is one thing that keeps order in society, it is the police’s protective presence. The police are always there when crime and disorder strikes. To ensure that this presence continues, Return to Order is launching a special Support Your Police campaign nationwide. “We are asking our friends and activist to hold Rosary Rallies … Read more

When Prayer Proved Powerful Against Plague

Public officials dealing with the coronavirus have forgotten one measure—the importance of prayers. Such a consideration is discarded by a secular society that does not believe that God can act upon the nature He created. Prayer is thus ineffective. History proves otherwise. The Church recorded countless cases of individuals and societies that were saved by … Read more

This Is How Saint Michael Cast Out Satan From Robbie Mannheim

This year marks the seventieth anniversary of the only documented exorcism in the United States of America.1 This is important because one of the biggest lies of the devil is to convince mankind that he does not exist. This perhaps explains the stunned reaction of audiences to the dramatized version of this exorcism in the 1973 … Read more