The Soulless Drink for the Man-Machine

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New Soylent Drink of Doubtful Nutritional Value, But it Certainly Leaves the Soul Empty Ever think you’d see a fast-food place where people could ingest meals like a car gets filled with gas? Like a fast-food place on fast forward. Well, we’re a step closer to the one-stop human feeding station. Today, there is a … Read more

Does Wal-Mart Carry Everything?

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There are those who seem to believe that big department store chains like Wal-Mart carry almost everything that exists. This is, however an illusion. Is Technology Ruining Your Life? Take A Quick Quiz To Find Out By Clicking Here. Writer Chris Anderson observes that this impression is part of the paradox of plenty. He writes: … Read more

Hurry Up and Buy

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By Gary Isbell. One of the big problems with modern economy is the constant attempt to take the human element out of the equation and speed up the process of trade. Speed and frenzied economic activity are aspects of modern economy that are justly criticized in the book Return to Order: From Frenzied Economy to … Read more

Forget Black Friday, Think Black September!

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In their rush to get the jump on competitors, major retailers are already starting their holiday sales offers. While shoppers are not yet lining up at box store entrances in the summer heat, they are being actively solicited by retailers with special announcements of holiday savings. Already in late August, Toys R Us declared that … Read more

Individuality Versus Individualism

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There are those who claim individualism allows a person to develop himself. We must make a distinction between individuality and individualism. Man manifests his individuality when he fully develops his personality and talents by which he is different from others. At the same time, individuality encourages man to develop his intensely social character by participating … Read more

Declining Fertility Rates and Robot Babies

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By Gary Isbell* With the world population growth slowing, some countries are staring at the grim prospects of the unbalanced demographics in the workforce and the dire economic consequences this will cause. As a result, some curious efforts to bolster diminishing birth rates have surfaced, not least of which is the invention and promotion of … Read more

The Paradox of Choice

Some people celebrate the “unlimited” choices open to them at a Wal-Mart, for example, despite the evident impossibility of exercising even a fraction of these options. The questions this week: Does such “unlimited” choice maximize satisfaction? What is the true criteria for product satisfaction? Do you often find yourselves unsatisfied with today’s “unlimited” choices?” Can … Read more