Four Things That Can Replace Common Core

The_core_is_rotten_common_core-286x300 Four Things That Can Replace Common Core

The Core is Rotten

Progressive educators have an obsession for results, especially test scores. Higher scores supposedly prove children will be more “career and college ready” after graduation.

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For this reason, these educators are forever coming up with all sorts of one-size-fits-all programs like Common Core that they believe will solve the problem of flagging test scores.

Since new schemes are always appearing, it would seem that they are not working. Educators should look at those things that work. If scores are the ultimate indicators of success, then it would stand to reason that any proven method to improve test scores should win the enthusiasm of educators everywhere. It should not matter to educators how the scores improve, but only that they improve. Success should be rewarded by adopting such methods.

However, there are methods out there that are proven to be highly successful … and yet are ignored. Moreover, these are methods that can be immediately encouraged by any school district. Every parent can implement them. Best of all, this can be done without costing the taxpayer a single dime.

The children and their futures must be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

But these tried and true methods will not be officially adopted by the liberal education establishment because they go contrary to an agenda that cannot be opposed. The children and their futures must be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. The reason: These methods involve the family and moral values.

While it is unlikely that the liberal education establishment will encourage these methods, the good news is that any parent can implement four things that will boost their children’s test scores and make them more “career and college” ready.

Family Dinner

The first thing parents might do is eat dinner together with their children. Robert Putnam in his book, “Our Kids,” claims family dining is a powerful indicator of how children will do in school.

He quotes researcher Jane Waldfogel who writes that, “Youths who ate dinner with their parents at least five times a week did better across a range of outcomes: they are less likely to smoke, to drink, to have used marijuana, to have been in a serious fight, to have had sex…or to have been suspended from school, and they had higher grade point averages and were more likely to say they planned to go to college.”

Bedtime Stories

The second thing parents can do to boost their children’s chances for success is to read to them. A British philosopher, Adam Swift, recently claimed that those who read to their children can provide an advantage over those who do not read to them. Professor Swift claims the difference can be “as big as between those who get elite private schooling and those that don’t.”

Swift’s solution, however, caused quite an uproar across the globe, since he recommended that caring parents restrict bedtime reading so as not to give their children an “unfair advantage!”

Go To Church

The third thing parents can do to improve student test scores and college readiness is to take their children to church.

Robert Putnam writes: “Compared to their unchurched peers, youth who are involved in a religious organization take tougher courses, get higher grades and test scores, and are less likely to drop out of high school.”

He further states that children whose parents attend church regularly are forty to fifty percent more likely to go on to college than those who are unchurched.

Parental Involvement

Finally, intense parental engagement in his education enormously improves a child’s future. The involvement can be as simple as asking about homework, or as serious as regular involvement with the PTA. Many studies conclude that intense parental involvement leads to higher academic performance, better social skills and fewer behavioral problems. When parents get involved, children perform better and go further. Even the schools themselves become better places to learn.

Other methods in the same line might be cited, but these four should suffice to start heading in the right direction.

Sadly, big government solutions call for education schemes that focus on test scores through massive programs like Common Core. The liberal education establishment also insists on pumping more money into failing schools despite evidence that shows that school finances, including teachers’ salaries, do not figure significantly in determining school performance in any schools—good or bad.

What determines a great school is the state of the students’ families. It makes sense since the family is the primary educator of the child. When the family breaks down, education is not far behind. The government can never substitute for the family.

Good education policy should be directed toward improving family involvement. And while government cannot force people to have good families, it can point them in the right direction.

Above all, it should not promote curricula that are hostile to the traditional family. It should Subscription11 Four Things That Can Replace Common Coreinclude classical works that have long success in transmitting perennial values that have always helped children succeed in life. Schools should not be testing grounds for politically correct ideas that undermine the family and social order. Education should not be turned into a testing numbers game.

If there is to be a return to order in education, then it must focus on the family values that work and not the test scores that distort.

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  • Michele Caruso-Prudhomme

    Great article!

  • SheilaF

    Excellent article – please do not forget to include “home schooling children” in your Parental Involvement section. It can be done and is available around the world.

    Parents schooling children at home outside the watchful eye of the liberal education establishment, but college admission officers well recognize the value of the home education their applicants receive, especially when these kids score higher than their establishment-educated peers.

    • Ana

      And if you are stuck with the public school because God has not graced certain things then school your kids with good religious fun on vacations and sick days, so much is available without even leaving home or almost anywhere you go.

  • Mike

    Ha ha. It takes a village, right Hillary?….. Not!
    Family began with Creation and it had survived the ages until recent times. Nowadays we all too frequently witness the byproducts of broken families. Divide this most basic of all institutions and society is conquered. It’s Common Sense, and it is rotting the moral fiber of this country to its Core….

    • Ana

      True this is how communism and socialism takes hold to replace what is missing but not well at all.

      • SheilaF

        Teaching children at home within a religious family unit brings to light the loss of freedoms in the surrounding culture. We have already incorporated this fall into socialism in their high school English research reports.

  • Paul Tran

    In the UK, Catholic schools consistently produce graduates with better grades than state schools (and also better educated I might say). This is clearly proof that progressive liberalism has no part to play in our educational system whatsoever.

    • Lukas Lumbantobing

      In my country (Indonesia), even with same (state/national) curriculum, Christian/Catholic schools tend to have better grades, student discipline, etc. As the result, even non-Christians (which enroll their kids) accept Christian religious education for their kids in that school. And those schools tend to be favorite for private ones.

      • Paul Tran

        Glad to hear it 🙂

  • Unfortunately, for too many parents, the phrase “parental involvement” means that they will go to the mat to fight against any teacher who dares to intimate that their child is not perfect. Parents need to understand that involvement also means helping your child take responsibility for their actions and omissions.

    • Lukas Lumbantobing


  • Susan

    Socrates stated that the only purpose for education is to teach Virtue. Now, the schools intentionally destroy Virtue in children. Cicero stated that Wisdom is discerning Good and Evil. Our children, since the Socialist John Dewey destroyed Classical Education (tools to be critical thinkers), now blur good and evil or flip it and fill their heads with Lies (sodomy is a virtue)—teach that Vice is Virtue to destroy Wisdom and eliminate Virtue in children and warp their desires.

    The sheeple and “happy slaves” for the State have to be programmed by the Marxist Common Core Curricula which creates dependence, emasculates boys, destroys risk-takers, make girls haters of males and kill their own genetic offspring (no maternal instincts) and inculcates Satanic Ethics and enlarges the Limbic Area (primitive area) of the brain by hypersexualization so the critical area of the brain is truncated—-for the “useful idiots” who will be devoid of Reason and Logic, to be just godless herded animals (group thinkers) like the ignorant Ferguson thugs (bussed-in) crowds.

    Immoral, puerile haters of God/Christian virtues for the NWO sodomites for a primitive tribal mind like the harem boys in Afghanistan who lust after boys, goats and males and hate and mutilate women.

  • will_ford


  • frrapper

    Susan is very impressive; could we have more?