What the Bathroom Wars are Really All About

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“It has everything to do with empowering the fantasies of those who wish to escape the restraints of identity and reason.”

The so-called bathroom wars have nothing to do with bathrooms but are all about war. The push to allow a person to use the bathroom of his or her choice is merely the latest phase of the sexual revolution. It is part of a relentless war to bring about an irrational equality that now seeks to break down the final public barriers that make the sexes different.

Let’s face it. Once it is held that anyone can use the bathroom that he or she feels comfortable with, the words “men” and “women” on the door are meaningless since anyone can enter. According to the strange logic of the bathroom warriors, either you build equal bathrooms for every “gender” that appears on the scene—and there are some 60 of them out there—or you integrate them all into one (or two) bathrooms, everyone can use indiscriminately. Obviously, the latter is the only economically viable solution.

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Thus, this is more than just making people feel comfortable; it is the beginning of the end of sex-segregated bathroom, locker rooms or other private places. It is a true culture shift that turns one’s biological sex from a social and public reality to a mere private opinion, whim or fantasy.

The so-called bathroom wars are not only about sexual predators, as many maintain. There will definitely be those who use the new bathroom rules to open doors to prey upon their victims. However, it is all about taking away the vestiges of modesty, decency and the sense of shame that remain in society. This strong layer of protection for both men and women in their most private moments is removed.

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“The virtue of modesty is part of a moral framework that serves as a reasonable restraint”

The virtue of modesty is part of a moral framework that serves as a reasonable restraint on the less violent human passions. Modesty governs exterior actions so that they might conform to the demands of decency, propriety and decorousness that come from human nature and social mores. Attire, manner of speech, the relationships between the sexes all enter into this framework to keep society balanced and virtuous. When natural decency and modesty are not respected, the dignity of human nature is easily degraded to brutish levels.

Thus, it is no surprise in today’s hyper-sexualized and violent world that there would be those who call for throwing off all restraints and taboos. They would target modesty since it is that natural and delicate sense of restraint to all acts that give rise to shame. All that safeguards a much-needed chastity must be destroyed.

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Thus, contrary to the propaganda, this is not about forcing people to be uncomfortable. There never has been, nor will there be police checking identities or self-identities at every bathroom door. This is all about honoring and preserving those time-tested rules that enable society to function and that help individuals maintain their personal dignity.

Finally, the so-called bathroom wars have nothing to do with reality. It has everything to do with empowering the fantasies of those who wish to escape the restraints of identity and reason.

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“When natural decency and modesty are not respected, the dignity of human nature is easily degraded to brutish levels.”

This new activism involves the empowering of fantasy, which by definition is the power or process of creating unrealistic or improbable mental images in response to psychological whims. In times past, those with fantasies were called down to the reality found in society and nature. Today, society as a whole is being asked to pander to and be complicit with the unnatural fantasies of a few.

Yes, the so-called bathroom war is not about bathrooms and all about war. It is a new phase of the Culture War. Those who thought the war was over with their surrender to same-sex “marriage” will come to see that it is only the beginning.

This new phase is an extension and radicalization of what came before. The difference is that the old phase destroyed external structures—tradition, custom, or community—that hindered self-fulfillment and pleasure. The new phase seeks to destroy those internal structures—reason, identity, and the sense of being—that impede the “right” to instant gratification.

The old phase of the Culture War still worked inside the social structures that it destroyed and thus offered more opportunities for people to resist. The new phase assaults the very core of being and identity. It is more tyrannical and allows for little opposition. Anyone who disagrees is immediately and furiously attacked—individuals, businesses and even whole states. If there is to be a return to order, then society must recognize this new development for what it is. This is no frivolous bathroom war but a Culture War so total that it extends even to the use of the bathroom.

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  • David Macko

    The concept of privacy is one of the essential differences between civilization and barbarism or savagery. The enemies of Jesus Christ, the White race, America and liberty are clearly working to destroy what is left of Western, Christian civilization.

    • Jolundy

      Mr. Macko since you invoked the name of Jesus Christ in a erroneous statement I have to respond. The color of blood in all men and women is red.. Acts. 17: 26 NKJV states that God made all men who dwells on the face of the earth from the blood of one man [whom we know as Adam]. Because of that we are all (naturally) in the human family.. In 1 John 4: 20–21, “If someone says ‘I love God and hates his brother, he is a liar.; for how can he love God whom he has not seen but hates his brother whom he has seen. And this command we have from him [God] that he who loves God must love his brother, also.”
      Mr. Macko, this commands is made to all men regardless of skin color. All who fails to obey are the real enemies of Jesus Christ. Thank you for allowing me to share my views.

      • David Macko

        As a Christian, I recognize that all of us were created equal before God and have God-given rights from conception to natural death and that we should all be judged as individuals, not as members of any group. However, to deny all of the evidence of our eyes, ears and minds that God created different races is a denial of reality. Thank you for taking time to respond to my comments.

        • Jolundy

          Mr. Macko, as Christians we are held to a different standard than those who are not Christians. It does not matter what color we are…what really matters is that we please the Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ so that we can make it in the Kingdom of Heaven. If you take a look at Revelation 7:9, it says people from every nation, tribe and tongue were standing before the Throne and the Lamb of God. And by the way, I am against the gay/lesbian/transgender agenda because the Word says it is an abomination before God. Thank you so much for allowing me to share. If we could meet each other in person, I am sure we can find common ground as Christians.

          • David Macko

            In those respects, we have no disagreement.

          • Pamela

            Ohmigosh. We need to resist the Devil’s temptation by fighting with each other. This is exactly what he wants! We are all made in the image of God. Peace be with both of you. And now let’s face the real enemy which is the Evil trying to permeate our country. Let’s take back our country and work together as Christian brothers and sisters. Never before in our times has this been so important! God Speed!

          • David Macko

            I was commenting and clarifying my comments. I do not consider that as fighting and have no desire to fight with fellow Christians who are opposing Evil which has permeated our country.

  • Besstercera

    Thank you for addressing this issue from this crucial angle. Aside from the fury it stirs up, the second emotion I feel is dissatisfaction with how it is being discussed publicly. I keep arguing (within my circle of influence) that our side fails when this argument is kept inside the ‘safe’ limits of women and girls being threatened by potential male predators in bathrooms. That is one immediate consequence of the issue, and somewhat practical – therefore having potential to convince some, for a short time. However, we already have young boys using the same public bathrooms as adult men – and under the same argument, the potential for homosexual predation is high – if society is not opposed to that arrangement, the, the argument would go – why would we choose now to oppose the new arrangement? It is inadequate. And it is inadequate wholly because it stops woefully short of the true ‘big picture’ presented thoroughly here. As long as we continue to act defensively, responding to each of the culture of death’s steps defensively, we are only acting like a small animal picking up one bread crumb after the other on its way to the predator’s den. We let the opposition determine the rules of their game, and continually fail to oppose it adequately – and they continue to move ahead. The only way to adequately battle this is to see it for what it is, in the big picture, and oppose it offensively. That has always been The Church – and after years of The Church failing to assert its influence as She should – we do have this most dangerous situation – the loss of sanity, the loss of identity, the loss of reason. Mankind, out of touch with its Maker- becomes less and less human. Thank you again for publishing this.

  • Lee

    Thank you for your words of wisdom. May God bless the work you are doing. Please know many of us want to hear the truth. God bless you and your family.

  • Mary Carter

    You are correct in your assessment of this bathroom business. However, I feel it is also another project by the government to put us under their control and make us slaves to their interference in our lives. The rest of us have no rights as far as this subject goes, our religious rights are limited to church attendance only and I for one do not care to share a bathroom with men. I am 77 years of age and this country is not for me any longer but too old to get out of here comfortably. Thank you for addressing this issue in the way you have. They are working also, on making it easier to kill the elderly but I will try to avoid that if possible.

  • Ohso

    Education is a moving target – but Students are Captive to the Alinskyites, and Hillary Rodham wrote her opus in honor of ‘SA’ Saul Alinsky or the Sturm Abteilung (Storm Troopers of party founder and hitlers mentor / lover Ernst Rohm) of the Left:

    Harvard Prof Urges Liberals to Treat Evangelical Christians Like Nazis


    A Harvard Law professor is telling his fellow liberals that the culture wars are over and the victorious Left should treat conservative Christians the way the allies treated Germany and Japan after World War II, offering no quarter or clemency.

    In an online post, the 70-year-old professor Mark Tushnet (pictured), a surviving member of the old guard of 1960s liberal elites, advises his like-minded minions to unabashedly take up “aggressively liberal positions,”…

  • CommonSenseAlGuy

    Great point about the words “men” and “women” on the door being meaningless since anyone can enter depending on which they are most “comfortable” with.

  • 2Shadow2

    So help me out here. We have two sexes in the human race. That’s it. And for years we have had “men’s” and “women’s” bathroom labels to separate the sexes for the sake of civilized decency. We even have handicapped areas of both bathrooms to allow for those who require wheel chair access or who cannot use normal facilities for some physical or mental issue. So why is it that those who choose to label themselves as something other than their DNA based gender cannot simply use the handicapped restrooms? LGBT is actually a mental health issue disguised as a “gender identity” misstep and it is hard to imagine that someone can demand rights playing out Frankensteinian medicine or self imposed decisions that most perverts are as well prone to assume. The rights of women, of whom the overwhelming majority are normal, are being tossed here by a few loopy politicians.

  • Chris Lilly

    This is a distinct case of moral breakdown. When individuals and groups no longer maintain good moral character, resolve and will then bad morals take over. When it comes to the natural environment air, land and water pollution is no longer permitted because of the threat to public health. The same principle needs to be applied to the moral pollution of human culture and society. Without good moral guardianship there is no check or correction for bad morals. Hence the conditions for moral breakdown appear which is the situation that is currently being faced.

  • Vince

    God bless you John. Yes, unfortunately this is only the beginning. Where will it end ; only God knows. And if God knows man, we will self destruct . It all started with the decline of the family. But to me, it ultimately means all of this that is happening ,is a result of people not having God in their lives.
    We can only show people about God by our daily example of living as God wants us to live. We may fall every day ,but God loves us ,and forgives us if we ask Him, and then we get up the next day and try again to do God’s work.
    Love one another is the answer.

  • Irma Morzone

    There is only one weapon we have in this world and that is pray the Rosary every day. Let Our Lady kill the evil. Let us get behind her and help her. We are in the most evil times and only prayer will keep us from drowning.

  • Ana

    Excellent article!! Thank you!

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