Portland says NO to After School Satan Club

At noon on the October 19, concerned parents and local residents took a public stand in the form of a rosary rally against the opening of an After School Satan Club at the Sacramento Elementary School in Portland Oregon.Portland-e1477413566273-1024x768 Portland says NO to After School Satan Club

On the sidewalk in front of the school, over 120 people prayed and asked God and the Blessed Mother to stop Satanism from entering our schools and from tarnishing the innocence of our children.

The demonstration and prayer vigil was organized by rosary rally captains and members of America Needs Fatima.  There was also a strong presence of the Catholic Vietnamese Community.  The local chapter of the Knights of Columbus and three Roman Catholic priests were present.

RTO-mini2 Portland says NO to After School Satan ClubFree Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society—Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go

A few days before October 19, the date set for an open house for the elementary school to introduce the After School Satan Club to children and parents, we learned that the Satanic Temple had decided to postpone the event due to a change in the school schedule.  As a result, the open house for the After School Satan Club at the Sacramento Elementary School was rescheduled for November, but no date was given.

The already mentioned school is one of the nine schools nationwide at which the Satanic Temple is trying to open Satan clubs.

Thankfully, there is a growing wave of opposition to these clubs.  There is strong push back.  The rally and prayer vigil in front of the Sacramento Elementary School is a good example of this push back.

As the Psalms exclaim:

“ You that love the Lord, hate evil..” Psalm 96:10.

To love God is to hate Satan.

All God fearing people are kindly asked to sign the petition to keep Satanism away from our children.  We must not allow Satan an entrance into our schools.

Please sign the petition  here: http://www.returntoorder.org/petition/keep-satan-out-of-schools/?PKG=RTOE0231

1 After School Satan Club pushes back start date at Portland elementary school


  • Edward Koestner

    Great job. I never thought I’d live to see satan clubs in schools.

    • skinnercitycyclist

      You are commenting on an issue which you do not know or understand the details about. I always expect this from hysterical Christians.

      • PMcC33

        The one who doesn’t understand is you. Your rash judgement and name calling is unwarranted, as to be expected from a hysterical liberal.

        • skinnercitycyclist

          It’s not name-calling, it’s fact. The Satanic Temple are not in fact “worshippers of Satan” (that’s a Xian heresy anyway), and if you had bothered to read their actual materials you would know that. But you have to practice your Xian persecution, so screw the facts. I get it, I really do.

    • Rt1583

      I hope I live to see the day that the idea of god or religion is never heard inside a school again.
      How is your god so much better than satan? Your god purposely played games with people simply so they would “prove” their faith in him. Your god purposely hardened the heart of an individual simply so he would have an excuse to show just how powerful he was.

      • RG1701

        Your reading of the Bible is shallow. and you are like to be purposefully offended by things to show how moral you are without actually being truly offended in your heart.

        I would guess, that out the things you claim to want morally are secular extensions of Christian morality as put forth by early 20th century Christian progressives, ie love, charity to the poor, respect for human life. Take any basic Western philosophy class, even one taught by a Leftist. You’ll quickly come to the conclusion that your modern moral concerns would not even exist without Christianity.

        To be sure, the values I mention could exist under Satanism. However, so could alternative moral systems, ones even you would not abide by. Why? Because all Satan is interested in power. He cares nothing for the spiritual well being of human beings. Love and hate can exist side by side and it won’t matter to him as long as he gets his power.

        Yes, I know that Satanists claim they don’t really worship Satan; he’s only symbol. Yadda yadda. A force of nature. Yadda yadda. Looked into all that when I was in high school. What’s funny is that you would never believe that if some Christian sect claimed that and wanted to use the term “God” as just a metaphor for natural selection in their “club” but you’ll eat that up if a Satanist claims it. All of a sudden all suspicion for a religious club goes out the window when Satanists propose it. That’s how blinded you are by your hate for Christians.

        Just as would never believe someone if they just wanted to start a club while still using the term “god” as a metaphor and maintaining a Christian trappings, you can understand if one doesn’t necessarily take the Satanists at face value. You would be stupid if you took the hypothetical “god as a metaphor while still using Christian trappings” club starters at face value and you’d be stupid to take the Satanists at face value. There’s much truth, if not complete truth in the old adage “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.”

        • Rt1583

          “ie love, charity to the poor, respect for human life.”

          These are solely and wholly owned by Christianity?

          “You’ll quickly come to the conclusion that your modern moral concerns would not even exist without Christianity.”

          Really? You mean to say that humanity existed for thousands of years and managed not to kill each other off until Christianity was invented and their great code of life was introduced?

          Where did I say anything about a Satanist club not being part of a religion? You’re reading an awful lot into what I said in order to build your argument.

          How deep does one really have to go into the bible to prove that the god you try to tell everyone is the seat of morality really isn’t moral at all?

          The fucking book you treat as the truth tells it straight, your god hardened the heart of the Pharaoh only to turn around and punish him for having a hardened heart. What kind of morality creates the behavior which is then punished?

  • A Lee Lowe

    Check out this site. Help take it viral. People need real down to earth info to make good decisions and choices. Pass this on and be in prayer for the lives it will touch. The Bible says woa be it unto those who call evil good and good evil. Be in prayer for children as satan is targeting them. Be aware of the wiles of the devil. AMEN. Especially at this evil holiday designed to target children. Halloween.

  • Malka Davis

    Satan entered our public schools a long time ago. The club is just more obvious evidence of his presence.

    • Tom P.

      Very well put. Not just our public schools, but society in general.

      • skinnercitycyclist

        By all means, participate in the lie. Read the ST’s actual materials if you think I am wrong, and tell me what precisely you object to.

        • Tom P.

          I have no doubt that if I “read the materials” they will sound fairly benign and I am sure the clubs and the content they present to children will be secular and have no Satanic overtones (aside from the overwhelming “overtone” in the group’s name). This would be true for a while, but only for a while, until people get used to the idea of ST after school programs. Then the focus would gradually start to change.

          After school Satanic clubs, I suspect, are using the same approach the “medical marijuana” crowd used to get marijuana approved for “recreational” use: Pro-pot groups got their foot in the door with medical marijuana, then, once society got used to this idea of “marijuana as a medicine”, they started agitating for “recreational” use, which was the original goal all along.

          I suspect the ST nonsense is following the same course — get people use to a non-Satanic, secular ST and then after a few years, start gently introducing magic and spells and on and on. Think about it: if it really had nothing to do with Satan why would they call themselves, “Satanic Temple”?

          Imagine if I wanted to start an after-school club called, The New Hitler Youth Club but I claimed it had nothing to do with Hitler or Nazi-ism and that I even showed you my teaching materials which were completely void of any references to Hitler. Are you naive enough to think that I would not eventually start talking about how different races should be exterminated? After all, why would I call it, “The New Hitler Youth” if I never intended to talk about Hitler.

          Come on, Skinner, any group calling itself the Satanic Temple is not going to teach flower arrangement and origami for long.

          • skinnercitycyclist

            It will be teaching critical thought and secularism. That is all they stand for. I admit they are trolling you with the name, but the point is that once schools open to groups, they have to et in all groups. That includes religious predators like the “Good News Clubs,” as well as Satanic groups. And yes, if a “Hitler Club” wanted to meet, they might have to let them meet The best solution would be for the schools to stop letting out their premises to any group, then the whole problem goes away. Until that happens, they are legally bound to allow all comers, your discomfort with your fantasy version of their message notwithstanding.

          • Tom P.

            Skinner, I believe your heart is probably in the right place. Given the fact that you replied to almost every post in this forum I have the impression you are passionate and you truly believe that that an organization calling itself, “Satanic Temple” has absolutely no intention of ever having anything to do with Satan, magic or spells. Fair enough if that’s what you believe.

            Let’s see what happens in 2-3 years. Today they stand for secularism (supposedly), just as the Recreational Marijuana movement at one time only stood for Medical Marijuana, until it got its foot in the door.

            I’m thinking of starting a group called, “KKK” (Kool Klassroom Kids) where we teach children the importance of tolerance, diversity and social etiquette. Let me know if you want to sign up.

          • skinnercitycyclist

            Go for it, we will see how it plays out. And the school may well have to allow you, or allow none, as the law demands.

            I have been aware of TST for years. They have consistently come out for humanistic values and against the kind of abusive Christian privilege that your protest and that of others want to protect. They do not do “spells,” as you put it, and they do not believe in your Satan. Yes, you are being trolled, and reacting right on cue.

            The bottom line is, the law is what it is. If a school allows access to one group, they have to allow all. This was not reached by a bunch of Satanists protesting, but by right-wing Christians seeking access to vulnerable young people. TST do not want ANY sectarian groups meeting in schools, including their own. But if groups oriented about an ideology which they find objectionable and harmful are allowed to meet, they want to meet to counteract that other message. And their right to do that is protected by law.

    • skinnercitycyclist

      Try reading the Satanic Temple’s actual statements. You will find your hysteria is unwarranted.

  • skinnercitycyclist

    You people fundamentally misunderstand the nature of the After-School Satan Clubs. They are a secular choice that many kids and their parents enjoy. They are not “Satanists” in the sense that you think of “Satan.” Read their literature, and take the time to see what they are actually about. It is no different legally from Christian clubs that are formed and meet on the same basis. No amount of petitioning will make the school deny the civil rights of these kids and their families.

    I notice you give no information actually disseminated by the club on its own activities. I suppose you are another example of “liars for Jesus” in this regard. Disappointing, but not unexpected.

  • Jack Baynes

    Have you READ the tenets of the Satanic Temple?


    Have a look, and tell me if there’s actually anything there you object to.

    All God fearing people are kindly asked to sign the petition to keep Satanism away from our children. We must not allow Satan an entrance into our schools.

    The zeal of some Christians in demanding to be allowed to push Christian clubs on public schoolchildren has tied the hands of the school. If you can have your religious based clubs, so can people who you disagree with.

  • Rt1583

    “Thankfully, there is a growing wave of opposition to these clubs.”
    Cool thing is that this is absolutely irrelevant. If you’d care to or were able to learn you’d find out that, legally, if you want your god in school in any way any other god or religion has to be allowed just the same.
    You want Satanism kept out of your school, fine. Keep your god out as well. Seems easy enough to me.

  • I see that you folks object to the club because (among other reasons) it would teach children to be charitable without (fear of) God. Can’t have the little ones learn that, can we? Next thing you know, people would be kind all over the place, and civil, too! And no mention of Hell.

    Has it occurred to any of you that people can be decent without fear of eternal torture? My dog can do it, why not us?