“Return to Order” in the Pacific Northwest

Written by Kevin Ritchie
RTO_PortlandWhile young volunteers spread the idea of an organic Christian society on the streets of New York and other major cities, I was on the other side of the country in Portland Oregon. There I had the opportunity to promote the groundbreaking new book, Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to a Organic Christian Society—Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here and Where We Need to Go by John Horvat II.

The event was the Sixth Annual Real Catholic Men’s Conference at the St. Pius X parish
community center in Portland, Oregon on June 15 where I manned an exhibit table. About 300 energetic Catholic men gathered to find answers to America’s growing moral
and economic crisis.

These men also gathered for Catholic fellowship and education.  They were rewarded
by an opportunity to pray, go to confession and listen to two very popular speakers, Mr. Timothy Staples and Mr. Vernon Robertson who made of their talks a call to faith and
public action.

As a bonus, many conference attendees got to hear explanations about what gave rise to the civilization of our forbearers, and the Return to Order campaign to restore America.   Many hearts were filled with an enthusiasm that weekend by the conference program. At the Return to Order table, there was plenty of spirited conversations and debates about how we as a nation might fulfill our God-given mission and return to a Christian order
that has long been abandoned.