Talk in Grand Rapids: “When Caesar Wants What Isn’t His”

Grand_RapidsAs part of the Fortnight for Freedom talk series for the diocese of Grand Rapids, Mich., author John Horvat delivered an evening address to a large crowd at the city’s St. Isidore’s Catholic Church. The event was co-sponsored by St. Isidore’s parish, St. Thomas the Apostle’s parish and the Acton Institute, all in Grand Rapids. The title of the June 27 talk was: “The Challenges of Big Government: When Caesar Wants What Isn’t His.”

The speaker explained how, despite the limits established by the American Constitution, government often enters into areas beyond its proper limits. He described what kind of culture makes big government possible. Based on his book, Return to Order, Mr. Horvat also outlined ways in which Catholics can act to promote a culture to keep government small.

Subscription11After the talk, there was a reception in the parish hall where Return to Order was available for purchase and signing.