What is the Purpose of Human Life?

what_is_purpose_lifeModern men would hold that the purpose of life is to possess and enjoy an abundance of material goods. Such a materialistic view of life is to make economics the primary concern of men.

Subscription8.11Saint Thomas Aquinas holds that the purpose of human life in an organic Christian society is much different. The individual has the end of the enjoyment of God. About society, he affirms that “men form a group for the purpose of living well together, a thing which the individual man living alone could not attain, and good life is virtuous life.” Moreover Saint Thomas takes this one step further saying: “Since society must have the same end as the individual man, it is not the ultimate end of an assembled multitude to live virtuously, but through virtuous living to attain to the possession of God.” (Taken from Saint Thomas Aquinas’ book, On Kingship)