“Don’t Abandon the Ship in a Storm…”

Sinking_of_Battship_Bouvet_at_the_Dardanelles-Tahsin_BeyWe must resist the temptation of simply writing off the present system with all its problems. We must avoid the defeatist attitude of those who advocate isolating themselves from society and awaiting better days. In individualist fashion, they would take care of their own little worlds and disregard the cause of the common good.

Nothing could be more contrary to our way of thinking. We cannot abandon our nation in her time of need. It is in times like these that all Americans must show their true mettle and resist the selfish option of isolation. A policy of fragmentation always ends in defeat.

It is also a dangerous policy. Saint Thomas More said it best: “You
must not abandon the ship in a storm because you cannot control the winds.”