Freedom Is Not Choice

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There are those who confuse freedom with choice. They do not realize that freedom is the ability to choose the means to a determined end perceived as good and in accordance with our nature. It is not the choice itself. When a person makes a bad choice or chooses a bad end, the result is … Read more

The Apples-and-Oranges Debate over Tariffs

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As I watch the debate over tariffs, I can’t help but feel the two sides are not speaking the same language. They are talking apples and oranges. One side is concerned only about money while the other side deals with social impact. I don’t think this apples and oranges debate can be reduced to which … Read more

The Family: An Essential Institution in the Fight Against Obesity

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It is no coincidence that nutrition and nurture have a similar etymology. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, nurture means to encourage or care for someone or something that is growing or developing. Thus, the family and nutrition naturally come together. The family should provide nutrition to its members by supplying it with wholesome food. Metaphorically, … Read more

Life in the Shadows

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If the pace of life seems overwhelming, it might well be because we have assumed so many of the jobs once held by others. This is the position of Craig Lambert in his book, Shadow Work: The Unpaid, Unseen Jobs that Fill Your Day (Berkeley, Calif., Counterpoint Press, 2015). The Harvard sociologist takes a look … Read more

Not Everyone’s Doing It

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One of the perceptions that fuel frantic lifestyles is the idea that everyone is involved in a particular fad or fashion. Especially in our mass society, the penalty for not being part of what “everyone is dong” is to risk being labeled out of sync with the times. No where is this perception more common … Read more

The Individual vs Society

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By Haven Bradford Gow. In his work Return to Order, Catholic scholar John Horvat II provides a critique of the atomistic individualism that ruptures the social bonds that make civilized social life possible; he says this destructive kind of individualism sets forth “a philosophy of life that declares self-preservation and its corollary self-interest to be … Read more

Getting Rid of Frenetic Intemperance in Our Own Lives

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There are certain things that each of us can do personally to return to order. Our core denunciation is that of a reckless spirit of frenetic intemperance which is constantly throwing our economy out of balance by seeking to be rid of restraints and gratify disordered passions.  We have likened this spirit to that of … Read more

The Answer to All Your Problems? “Coke Is It!”

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One of Coca Cola’s older advertisements gives an impression that their soda is more than just a beverage that satisfies physical thirst. The ad depicts a young man and woman with coca-cola and the slogan, “Coke is it!” The man and woman express looks of unrestrained pleasure and seem to derive a kind of self-fulfillment … Read more

Does Wal-Mart Carry Everything?

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There are those who seem to believe that big department store chains like Wal-Mart carry almost everything that exists. This is, however an illusion. Is Technology Ruining Your Life? Take A Quick Quiz To Find Out By Clicking Here. Writer Chris Anderson observes that this impression is part of the paradox of plenty. He writes: … Read more

America’s Native Spirit

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By Norman J. Fulkerson. It might appear to a casual observer that the United States is not a country where one would find a healthy regionalism. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Bluegrass State which is commonly seen merely as the home of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Those who see it this way might … Read more