Medieval Times Open on Christmas

Medieval Times Open on ChristmasIt is ironic that a company that specializes in medieval reenactments would fail to consider imitating the period in its celebration of Christmas. However, that is what happens at the popular restaurant chain Medieval Times. Employees are working on Christmas.

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In fact, workers in the Middle Ages only worked 120-150 days in the year and got not just Christmas but all holy days off.

However, the reenactment at Medieval Times stops on Christmas since employees will not get Christmas Day off. Please add your name to the petition asking Medieval Times to let employees stay home with family, as it was in the Middle Ages.

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Such a policy is not very medieval. The medieval calendar was filled with holy days and Subscription8seasonal work schedules that allowed ample time—often as much as half the year—for leisure, celebration, and worship that foster the whole development of man. If reenactment is to be authentic, then Christmas should be just like it was in the Middle Ages.

On this magnificent day, we commemorate Our Lord Jesus Christ’s coming to earth to live amongst us. It’s a holy day, and a family day, not a business day. Please help keep it that way.

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