First Tip for Putting Technology in It’s Place and Regaining Control of Your Life

First Tip for Putting Technology in It's Place and Regaining Control of Your Life1. The right way to start the day:
After waking, read or reflect on something that lifts your mind to the higher aspects and realities of life. It should be something that captivates your unique personal aspirations— something that gives you food for lively and refreshing thoughts throughout the day.

You can begin with a short reading or meditation. This contemplative activity must capture and engage your imagination in a manner that fosters calm pondering and is pleasurable, enduring and rewarding. Choose some- thing you will enjoy reading or meditating on, something that fits your personality and way of being, so that you can do this day after day, week after week and month after month.

Once this thoughtful reading or meditation becomes a habit, you’ll have a true “forest” ofFree Subscription wisdom to pull from whenever you hit a rough spot. If you find this too difficult, it is a telltale sign that technology is precariously leading you, as if you are a rider who has fallen from the saddle and is being dragged from the stirrup by the horse.