The Model of Life Proposed by Advertising

The Model of Life Proposed by AdvertisingThe modern world was founded on the myth of maximum production and consumption. It installs technology as a means to ensure collective survival, allow more efficient control of life and provide solutions to all problems.

Through the use of advertising, it proposes a utopia which is actually unattainable in this vale of tears. Nevertheless, sociologist Richard Stivers describes this utopia that is presented and often accepted by the modern masses:

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“This promised land is likewise a world of total consumption, where people possessFree Subscription perfect health, beauty, and eternal youth. They are free to do whatever is pleasurable and thus experience complete happiness. The myth of technological utopianism is promulgated through the liturgy of advertising.” (Richard Stivers, Shades of Loneliness: Pathologies of a Technological Society, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Lanham, Md., 2004, p. 108.)