The Answer to All Your Problems? “Coke Is It!”

“Can fulfillment be found in a sugary drink?”

One of Coca Cola’s older advertisements gives an impression that their soda is more than just a beverage that satisfies physical thirst. The ad depicts a young man and woman with coca-cola and the slogan, “Coke is it!” The man and woman express looks of unrestrained pleasure and seem to derive a kind of self-fulfillment from the drink.

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Looking at the image, one wonders just how so much euphoria can come from a soda. Can fulfillment be found in a sugary drink? The advertisement claims it can. However, people know better and soon after drinking the soda feel the disillusionment…and perhaps the urge to drink yet more.

Modern advertising is based on creating dissatisfaction with one’s present situation and then promising great happiness by buying and consuming the latest product. This cannot cure life’s dissatisfaction. In fact, advertisements like these often lead only to deeper dissatisfaction.