Five Considerations in Face of a Fight that Seems Disproportional

Crusades Battle
“We should see the beauty of our struggle and thank God for placing us in it.”

In times of discouragement, it is good to remember that God does not put us into situations that are beyond our ability to overcome. In fact, with God on our side, the fight to remain faithful is not at all disproportional since we have all the conditions for victory.

However, it would be good to list five considerations we can make that will give us the upper hand when temptation comes. These considerations help show why this fight is not disproportional. In this way, we can act with energy and conviction in times of trials and temptations.

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The first consideration is one of perspective. The fight is not disproportional to one who has the proper perspective. If we look at it simply from our own human perspective, we are cutting ourselves short. We need to see the big picture of the fight between good and evil, and Who’s side it is that we are fighting on. Like Saint Michael, we are forced to fight a battle beyond our means. But because Saint Michael had eyes only for the honor and glory of God, he did not withdraw inward, but jumped to defend God’s honor. In the big picture, God always wins, and He invites us to participate in His victory. We must strengthen within ourselves the conviction that He will win. We should see the beauty of our struggle and thank God for placing us in it.

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Next, we must have an attitude of engaging in the struggle without hesitation. The fight is not disproportional to one who is heroic. However, it must be a heroism based on convictions not emotions. On this firm foundation, we are able to do what must be done, cost what it may, no matter how absurd it may seem. If we do this, we will have conditions to defend the Faith and resist sin.

A proper understand of suffering is the next consideration. The fight is not disproportional to one who understands the need to suffer. We must understand that suffering is part of our lives as a result of Original Sin. When we suffer, we make amends for our sins and build in ourselves strong character and integrity. To the extent that we reject suffering, we are like thieves and fraudsters who seek to avoid paying the tribute for our own faults.

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The next consideration involves service to God and Our Lady. The fight is not disproportional to one who considers the God we serve and Our Lady who has pity on us. We must consider the fact that God so loved us as to die on the Cross for our sins. He offered Himself as the Divine Victim to placate His Own justice. In face of such a good God, how can our attitude not be one of giving ourselves entirely to Him? How can it not be offering ourselves to Our Lady who can obtain all things for us? By putting ourselves in their service, we secure their overwhelming help since we serve their cause.

The fifth consideration involves accepting things with resignation. The fight is not disproportional to one who desires the greatest glory for the Church, but is content with the least that is given to us. In this way, we will be content in either joyful or sorrowful times, in times of grace or aridity, in victory and defeat. We will put God at the center of things and ourselves wherever He desires we be. This gives us the courage to be filled with hope and peace when God gives us trials and tribulations.

Finally, the fight is not disproportional to one who prays. An attitude of one who constantly is asking will obtain results. We must be confident that God will hear our prayers and grant us what is best for our salvation.

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These five considerations should help convince those in trial that the fight is not disproportional. In fact, if there is a disproportional factor, it is on our side. We worship an almighty and powerful God. His grace can touch and change the most hardened sinner. His wrath can overcome the most challenging obstacles. It is with convictions like these that we should engage in the fight to be faithful to God in these difficult and sinful times.

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