When Business Owners Don’t Care

“They merely see the customer as a transaction”

Written by John Tomba*

There was once a time, when Christian society was the norm, when business
owners were selfless, charitable and caring. They cared not about money, but about
helping their customers.

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They saw their customer as a human being and not as a transaction with a number. These types of businesses seem to be going extinct.

This is due to what is called the “Rule of Money”. By the rule of money it is meant the misuse of money. When money becomes the primary purpose of business, or even life, everything becomes reduced down to a commercial trade. Business owners no longer care about their customer, nor whether they are satisfied. They merely see the customer as a transaction and another number on the monthly report.

Real Life Case

This was the case that occurred recently when a TFP Volunteer needed to rent a
car. A simple task one would think. However, it would not turn out to be so.

Upon arriving at the dealership, he went in and told the employees that he needed a car. From the beginning he was treated rudely. The employees were difficult to deal with and were not able to meet his needs. After haggling with them for some minutes, he settled on a car that he would have to make do with.

Upon getting into the car, it smelled very strongly of smoke, which was most likely due to the employee’s negligence in cleaning it properly. Displeased and aggravated with the situation, he decided that it would be more beneficial for him to just accept the car, rather than go back and deal with the rude employees again. He drove away displeased and unhappy.

He had been treated not as a human being but as one of many transactions that would go through the dealership that day.


This is a perfect example of how the rule of money has taken over people’s lives.
It has come to such a point that, in cases such as this one, you are treated as a transaction rather than a human being.

The solution is a return to order. A return to a Christian civilization where
customers have a personal contact with company owners and the owner truly cares about
satisfying the customer.