Money Money Money Money Money Money

“A society dominated by economics.”

Imagine a society where everything revolves around how much something costs; every relationship is based on the maximum amount of material benefit the two parties can receive; man’s joys, hopes, anxieties, and despair are in relation to the economic situation; and the ultimate goal in life is material prosperity. It is a very harsh and unnatural view of life, but that is the reality of today’s society. A society dominated by economics.

In this modern life everything becomes cold and impersonal. People are seen as assets or hindrances. Cuisines, architecture, customs, traditions, and human interaction lose their metaphysical or spiritual value. Life loses it’s sweetness. And what can be said for life after death, or in this case, money? Nothing.

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This is the harsh reality of a mindset obsessed with seeing everything through the prism of economics to the exclusion of all others. While it is true that economics is a necessary practice and science that deals with human activity and the material means for society to operate and exist, it has its place. It is not the most important human field. In fact, it is quite limited, and heavily depends upon other sciences such as ethics and logic. These higher sciences define the norms by which economics must operate. Morality plays a huge role in trading, production and consumption.

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The most important facet of life is lost in a life dominated by economics, the human Subscription8.1aspect. In the medieval economic order, activity and human relations were bound and governed by the general rules of sociability, charity, and justice. Rather than seeing another cog in the economic system, people were viewed as souls. Souls that were created by God and given a dignity which was to be respected and admired.

The proper way for economics to work is in harmony with the other higher sciences. Rather than reject moral philosophy and ethics, we must accept and adhere to them. If we truly desire stability and harmony in society, morality and God’s law must come first and foremost.