Petition Fights Satanic School Program


Concerned Christians and parents are joining together and raising their voices against a new after-school program sponsored by The Satanic Temple. The program, called “After School Satan Club,” is attempting to open in at least nine school districts nationwide, some of which were unaware of the group’s intention to enter their schools.

Doug Menser,The Satanic Temple’s co-founder, and promoter of the Satan Club program, claims the objective is to encourage separation of church and state in public schools by offering students a secular “alterative” to Christian groups at school. The club downplays the existence of God, sin, eternity, Heaven and Hell, claiming to teach truth by science and reason.

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One goal of The Satanic Temple is to get religious groups to remove themselves from the public, leaving religious practices to be performed in private. But Satanists are trying to make the devil more commonplace in society, performing public acts of desecration, Black Masses, and setting up demonic monuments, all the while parading as friendly humanitarians.

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Now they are turning to our children to accomplish this goal. At an age when parents are teaching their children about moral values, the Satanists are trying to impress atheism and amorality on them.

Return to Order kindly and urgently appeals to you to sign a petition against this attack on our religion and our children. We cannot let the most vulnerable in society be exposed to anti-principles!

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