Portland says NO to After School Satan Club

At noon on the October 19, concerned parents and local residents took a public stand in the form of a rosary rally against the opening of an After School Satan Club at the Sacramento Elementary School in Portland Oregon.portland

On the sidewalk in front of the school, over 120 people prayed and asked God and the Blessed Mother to stop Satanism from entering our schools and from tarnishing the innocence of our children.

The demonstration and prayer vigil was organized by rosary rally captains and members of America Needs Fatima.  There was also a strong presence of the Catholic Vietnamese Community.  The local chapter of the Knights of Columbus and three Roman Catholic priests were present.

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A few days before October 19, the date set for an open house for the elementary school to introduce the After School Satan Club to children and parents, we learned that the Satanic Temple had decided to postpone the event due to a change in the school schedule.  As a result, the open house for the After School Satan Club at the Sacramento Elementary School was rescheduled for November, but no date was given.

The already mentioned school is one of the nine schools nationwide at which the Satanic Temple is trying to open Satan clubs.

Thankfully, there is a growing wave of opposition to these clubs.  There is strong push back.  The rally and prayer vigil in front of the Sacramento Elementary School is a good example of this push back.

As the Psalms exclaim:

“ You that love the Lord, hate evil..” Psalm 96:10.

To love God is to hate Satan.

All God fearing people are kindly asked to sign the petition to keep Satanism away from our children.  We must not allow Satan an entrance into our schools.

Please sign the petition  here: http://www.returntoorder.org/petition/keep-satan-out-of-schools/?PKG=RTOE0231

1 After School Satan Club pushes back start date at Portland elementary school