Why the Movie Benedetta Is Blasphemous And Anti-Catholic

Why the Movie Benedetta Is Blasphemous And Anti-Catholic
Why the Movie Benedetta Is Blasphemous And Anti-Catholic

Benedetta, an anti-Catholic and blasphemous film, will be released in the United Sates on December 3. Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven claims the film is a portrayal of a historical event that supposedly happened in an Italian convent in the seventeenth century. The director, who is known for his violent and erotic films, will insert in Benedetta scenes of nudity, lesbianism and acts of blasphemy.

The movie is “loosely adapted from Judith C. Brown’s 1986 book Immodest Acts: The Life of a Lesbian Nun in Renaissance Italy.”1. The filmmaker recognizes that not all in his adaption is true: “It’s true, mostly. I mean, of course we changed a little bit.”2.

As for the facts narrated by Judith Brown, it is not clear if they involved a demonic possession, an erotic heresy or something else. The facts involved in this case are usualy the material for serious historians to study. However, it does not explain why the director is turning the case into a blasphemous and pornographic film.

Anti-Catholic Agenda

The filmmaker has an anti-Catholic agenda. He is a member of an association called Jesus Seminar, which does not accept the divinity of Our Lord but considers Christ to be a simple, revolutionary man.3.

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A film critic comments on Benedetta:

“The Dutch director takes upon himself to subvert some of the Christianity cannon by presenting his vision of Jesus, often seen as a violent warrior who doesn’t mind using a sword. The climax comes when the young protagonists [the two ‘nuns’] turn a wooden Holy Mary statue into a sex toy to give each other pleasure. That scene was thought to tickle some hidden desires in the watchers, but it results in just free blasphemy.”4. (Emphasis ours)

In another interview, Verhoeven says, “Homosexuality is part of life, so it should be a part of our dramas.” Later on, he displays his Freudian conception of man: “Sexuality is the most essential element of nature.” Finally, he reports, “I’m also going to make a movie based on my book about Jesus.”5.

With this background, he does not have the conditions to understand the purity and chastity preached by the Catholic Church, the sublimity of religious life or the divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, he uses cinema to preach his “erotic-mystic” religion.

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This filmmaker would certainly not dare to make a pornographic film involving Muhammad.

Catholics must protest this ongoing campaign of blasphemies against the divinity of Jesus Christ, the purity of the Virgin Mary and other outrageous attacks.

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) and its America Needs Fatima campaign will hold rosary rallies of peaceful protest and reparation in front of the four well-known theaters where Benedetta will premiere on December 3: the IFC Center and Film Lincoln Center in New York City, and at The Royal and The Alamo Drafthouse in Los Angeles.

We also need volunteer captains to lead rosary rallies of reparation in front of the other theaters where Benedetta well be scheduled to play all across America.

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To learn how to hold a peaceful and effective rosary rally in front of a theater that plays Benedetta, please contact Jose Ferraz by calling (570) 582-7678 or by writing an email message to protest@tfp.org.


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