Refuting 9 Lies Used to Push After School Satan Clubs

Refuting 9 Lies Used to Push After School Satan Clubs
Refuting 9 Lies Used to Push After School Satan Clubs

“Then war broke out in heaven; Michael and his angels battled against the dragon. The dragon and its angels fought back, but they did not prevail and there was no longer any place for them in heaven” (Apoc 12:7-8).


Does the devil exist? Yes, he does. So much so that he is targeting children in schools with After School Satan Clubs (ASSC) that are forming across the country sponsored by The Satanic Temple (TST). The program’s leaders speak with the cunning of a serpent and have formulated sophistic lies to deceive parents and students.


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Therefore, these rebuttals will help students and parents respond to the most common lies used to promote After School Satan Clubs.


Lie #1: Satan Is Just a Concept


The greatest trick the devil plays is to make men believe he doesn’t exist. He advances more freely that way. However, talk of evil spirits is found throughout history. Primitive peoples recognized this phenomenon. In addition, past civilizations in Egypt, Greece, and Ancient Rome record cases of people possessed by spirits. More than two thousand years of Christian Tradition attests to the existence of the devil.


Lie #2: The Satanic Temple Is Non-Theistic. Its Brand of Satanism Does Not Worship the Devil


TST claims to be non-theistic, and its members say they neither believe in the supernatural nor worship the devil. However, true to the spirit of the Father of Lies, Satanists will say one thing but believe or do another. What Satanists once did in private, they now do in the open. The public has witnessed some of their chilling rituals and hideous statues and figures.


Examples of this worship from 2021 include:


● Satanists performed a ritual against the Peace Cross in Bladensburg, Maryland. They knelt, worshiped and hailed their master, the devil.

● The ASSC at Carmel High School in Carmel, Indiana, posted several memes hailing the devil.

● TST installed a baby Baphomet statue for worship next to a traditional Christmas scene at the Illinois State Capitol and invoked the devil publicly.

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Lie #3: The After School Satan Club Is Not Interested in Converting Children to Satanism


TST also claims that children who attend will not be “proselytized.” However, everything on its website promotes a set of “values” that embodies the organization’s beliefs. Proselytism can come in different forms. The most alarming ruse is to instill a set of “values” on unsuspecting children through games and activities in line with satanic principles, which uproot and destroy Christian values.


Lie #4: Children Will Not Be Forced to Go


By claiming that the program is optional, TST hopes to put parents at ease. Since nobody is coerced, Satanists argue that parents should not complain but instead show tolerance towards those who choose to send their children to the satan club.


This is also a fallacy. It makes as much sense as installing a water fountain in school that puts out toxic water or making Tide Pods available for students who choose to ingest them. Adults must protect children from evil, not expose them to danger. Having a program in school where satan is invoked, even as an option, exposes every child—directly or indirectly—to incalculable spiritual risks.


Lie #5: ASSC Is a Safe Place for the Marginalized


A room where children are encouraged to worship the devil can never be a safe place. “Marginalized” people often suffer from exposure to toxic elements or relationships. No space is more harmful than one where the role model is the devil who is frequently associated with death, revolt, aggression and despair. A satanic club will not provide a wholesome family environment that a “marginalized” child needs to heal. The school’s resources are better served by promoting family-friendly programs.

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Lie #6: ASSC Do Not Promote Evil


Another claim of TST is that the After School Satan Clubs do not promote evil but only offer activities in line with its tenets.


This is deceptive because one tenet of TST is “individual sovereignty,” which corresponds to the the basic satanist idea: “You are your own god.” Indeed, “individual sovereignty” means there is no authority higher than the individual. This belief negates God’s authority and the Ten Commandments. It denies Natural Law written on the hearts of all men that gives everyone a sense of morality and the ability to discern right from wrong. Ultimately, to deny the validity of God’s Law is to promote all sins and crimes.


Lie #7: ASSC Is Harmless Fun


Nothing about the occult is harmless. Well-known exorcists, like Rome’s Fr. Gabriel Amorth, all attest how easily occult-based “games” can lead to the diabolical possession of children. There are real dangers in opening the door to the occult, which is not easily closed. When children willingly expose themselves to the occult, or people associated with it, their souls are harmed.


An example of TST’s outreach to children is a satanic coloring book that portrays images of the devil, a horned beast, skulls, and an image of a child performing a summoning spell over a pentagram.

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 Here is a list of “harmless” rituals approved by TST:


●      Unbaptism where participants renounce the True Faith;

●      Destruction Ritual where participants destroy an object they own that symbolizes a source of pain in their lives, which exorcists claim, can often mean something like a crucifix or a bible;

●      Defiance Ritual where a person pledges to challenge the status quo; and

●      Black Mass, which celebrates blasphemy, sacrilege, attacks God and the true Catholic Mass.


Lie #8: Satan Has a Right to Have a Club


Wrong. Satan has no rights because evil has no rights. Not everything should be allowed in schools. It would be objectionable, for example, if there were after-school clubs for neo-Nazis. Clubs for student drug dealers or pro-terrorist sympathizers would likewise be unacceptable.


Lie #9: Satan Should Be Given Equal Access


Schools exist to educate children, not to serve as a platform for the supposed rights of others. Children naturally possess innocence. Parents entrust their children to the care of the school for their educational, cultural and moral formation. Programs that preserve the innocence of children should be promoted. Programs that scandalize children should be excluded.

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Keep the Father of Lies Out of Schools


Satan is the Father of Lies, a “murderer from the beginning,” and a destroyer of innocence. He represents the opposite of everything children need to preserve their innocence and form their character. They need an environment that fosters virtue, morality, obedience, truth, goodness and beauty. Schools should never be a place that promotes sin, immorality, revolt, blasphemy, evil and the horrendous.


The devil has no place in school. Not now, and not in the future.