Business Requires Virtue: Job Interviews Are Proof

Business Requires Virtue: Job Interviews Are Proof
Business Requires Virtue: Job Interviews Are Proof

When a company needs new employees, it holds job interviews. This practice is a valuable asset to the economy since businesses can sort through potential jobholders and find those suited to the work.

However, these interviews should be linked with virtue in the economic realm. These evaluations should consider the degree of virtue found in each prospective candidate.

This connection is important in these times, as many tend to ignore this key aspect.

The Laborer Must Be Upright

Most companies have policies in which they meet potential employees before hiring them. However, these meetings need to look not only for talents but also virtues. A brief consideration makes this point undeniable.

Interviews allow companies to select candidates that practice diligence. Persons who possess this virtue do not waste time or postpone their tasks. Instead, they place duty before pleasure and competently fulfill their role in the workplace.

Potential workers should also be checked for selflessness. They must be willing to make sacrifices when assisting customers and cooperating with coworkers. Workers should have the patience and courage to adapt to circumstances. Workers need to go above and beyond self-interest to ensure the prosperity of the whole company.

Workers should practice charity toward the business’ patrons. Polite customer service clerks leave a favorable impression on customers, making them more likely to return. A friendly attitude also facilitates a cohesive workforce that is more likely to get the job done with minimal internal and external conflict. Communication becomes easier, allowing the company to run with minimal friction.

The list could go on. Prudence, patience and justice are also virtues that benefit the economic sphere. Thus, the rationale behind job interviews becomes clear. The company’s manager must ensure that prospective employees possess some, if not all, of these advantageous qualities.

A Precaution Against Vice

Job interviews also filter out vice.

Just as diligent workers build up businesses, slothful ones dismantle them. Lazy workers are more likely to waste work time on their smartphones and take excessive lunch breaks. Even when working, they are more likely to become distracted and perform their duties at an unacceptably slow pace. Employees should be forced to work at brutal speeds, but they need to do what they are paid to do.

A good laborer also cannot be selfish. By nature, economics is susceptible to unexpected problems that require extra effort. In these situations, the narcissistic employees will weigh down upon the efforts of the whole by avoiding work or pawning it off on colleagues. This attitude deviates from the organic systems where the worker and employer work together in a family-like relationship.

Impolite employees also negatively affect businesses. This vice makes relationships difficult, leaving coworkers and clients disgruntled. The result is a distressed workplace that becomes unpleasant for everyone involved.

Every vice imaginable produces a damaging impact on the economy. No one would argue that greed, envy, anger and recklessness are traits that help business.

This Tool Has Been Rejected

Virtue, not vice, plays a crucial role in economic prosperity. Employers need to use job interviews to avoid the consequences of these defects. Presently, many companies vow to hire based on diversity without considering qualifications or virtues. This new form of bias allegedly counteracts “subconscious racial and gender prejudice.” However, it is merely another attempt to forward leftist agitprop.

The effects of these practices are evident. The number of incompetent persons entering the workforce has grown. Many workers are miserable or incapable of performing their given tasks. Customers are left unsatisfied while businesses are struggling.

This act of self-destruction shows that the cause of this crisis is more profound than economics. Liberal employers are willing to sacrifice their financial success to further their leftist agendas.

One way forward is to look for virtue in workers and not woke criteria when doing job interviews.