Pushing Back Against Satan at a Virginia School

Pushing Back Against Satan at a Virginia School
Pushing Back Against Satan at a Virginia School

A battle between God and Satan rages at a primary school in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Here Is What Happened

Late last year, The Satanic Temple (TST) applied to start an After-School Satan Club at B.M. Williams Primary School. Fearing a reaction, TST made the request discretely, hoping it would pass under the radar of vigilant parents.

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However, the news spread and people protested. The school board pacified concerned parents by rejecting the Satanic request.

In early February, a second request by The Satanic Temple was introduced unperceived. The board ultimately approved this second appeal, and the After-School Satan club was set to begin at B.M. Williams.

Parents were outraged by the decision and demanded an immediate reversal of the decision, which they rightfully saw as a threat to their children’s innocence. Their protest was so fierce that the school board decided to vote on the issue during a meeting on February 27.

However, the board reformulated the request. The vote wouldn’t focus solely on the Satan club. Instead, the vote would be whether to allow all after-school clubs based on the false dilemma that the school could not allow one after-school club and reject another based on equal rights. Thus, board members would be forced to choose between allowing all non-school-affiliated clubs or rejecting them. Of course, this made matters much more complicated.

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The duty to protect children from Satan must be pursued at all costs. As a result, many Catholic parents worked tirelessly in favor of the ban. When the time for the vote came, a 5-4 result gave the Satanists their way.

But things weren’t over yet. Local Catholics were not about to give up. On July 10, they reunited at the Chesapeake Public School Board meeting, demanding the school board members confirm a re-vote.

Spiritually Preparing for Battle

Two hours before July 10 board meeting, the Catholics held a Rosary rally at the intersection directly outside the Chesapeake School Administration Building.

Pushing Back Against Satan at a Virginia School

Pushing Back Against Satan at a Virginia School
They were around twenty-five strong. The participants were armed with rosaries and prayer pamphlets. In addition, some also wielded signs that read, “Satan Is the Eternal Loser” and “Honk Against Satan.” The rally leaders particularly liked the honk signs since they garnered enthusiastic reactions from local drivers. Some of the attendees tried in vain to keep track of the number of honks they received.

The prayer warriors prayed the entire Rosary. During the Glorious Mysteries, rally leader Stephen Scheerbaum offered one Hail Mary for each of the 48 public schools in the Chesapeake district, which would be affected by the school board’s decision. Participants also prayed the Chaplet to Saint Michael and the Total Consecration Prayer to Mary.

Pushing Back Against Satan at a Virginia School
After thus being spiritually fortified, many of the rally participants entered the building, ready to face off with the devil.

Making God’s Case

During these meetings, anyone can sign up to speak on any topics the school board members are set to discuss. Seizing the opportunity, three TFP volunteers, Mr. Scheerbaum and many other pro-God speakers signed up to defend good and condemn evil.

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There were twenty-one guest speakers who almost exclusively spoke about the school club issue. However, surprisingly not one Satanist showed up to take the podium. They likely steered clear because they realized their presence at the previous hearing reminded people of the dangers of Satanism.

The Satan club did have its defenders. Some moderates argued in favor so that all clubs should remain in place. In addition, some mitigated the grave threat the After-School Satan clubs pose.

The opposition pointed out the dangers of the club. One mentioned the scandalous deeds of The Satanic Temple, such as stealing consecrated hosts, holding “unbaptism” ceremonies and hosting destruction ceremonies that consist of desecrating crucifixes, Bibles and other sacred objects. Another pointed out the dangerous philosophies behind The Satanic Temple’s clubs.

Once all the speeches were over, the board members unanimously agreed to hold a re-vote next month.

The Fight Continues

Thus, the battle is still ongoing. During this last meeting, some school board members expressed their intentions to double down and vote for the club. Last time, it was a close call, and all appearances indicate that the upcoming August 14 vote will be just as tight.

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More protests, more speeches and more prayers are needed. After the hearing, the local Catholics already planned their next rallies and how they could improve their already-effective speeches.

It is inspiring to see such determination in these faithful souls. Despite all the hardships and setbacks, they are still energetically doing their part in the battle between God and Satan.

Let us pray that the school board has the courage to crush the head of the serpent in Chesapeake on August 14.