TFP at Harvard: “Socialism gives the poor equal poverty, equal misery, and equal thievery”

TFP at Harvard: “Socialism gives the poor equal poverty, equal misery, and equal thievery”
TFP at Harvard: “Socialism gives the poor equal poverty, equal misery, and equal thievery”

“What does socialism give the poor? Equal poverty, equal misery, and equal thievery.” That slogan caught the attention of everyone in Harvard Square on the morning of October 25. The next slogan followed: “The best remedy for poverty is Christian charity and private property.”

In a bold move, TFP Student Action volunteers were on leftist turf, challenging leftist lies at the gates of Harvard University, where foot traffic was thickest.

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“Private property is a God-given right!” said a TFP member over the megaphone. And others responded: “God bless the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Expecting leftist pushback, the volunteers were pleasantly surprised to find considerable support. Drivers honked in approval. Visitors and students agreed with the truth boldly proclaimed.

“As a public official,” said a police officer, “I am not allowed to comment on this event. That means I wouldn’t be able to say something like ‘this [TFP campaign] is totally awesome.’” The policeman then engaged in a lively conversation about the evils of socialism and woke madness.

Another friendly Bostonian grabbed the arm of a TFP volunteer and said in a thick accent: “Finally, some smart people at Harvard! (Pronounced Hahvid)”

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Many others said things such as:

“God bless America.”

“I love you guys.”

“Everything today is upside down. Only God can fix it.”

“Don’t worry. I already reject socialism.”

Tears of Joy

Unfortunately, many fear to speak the truth in liberal strongholds like Harvard. Because of this, freedom-loving locals and students were overjoyed with the TFP campaign and, on more than one occasion, brought to tears.

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A US Marine Corps veteran approached. “Thank you so much,” he said in tears. “I am a Marine (served in Desert Storm). I love you guys.”

TFP at Harvard: “Socialism gives the poor equal poverty, equal misery, and equal thievery”
TFP at Harvard: “Socialism gives the poor equal poverty, equal misery, and equal thievery”

A woman from Hong Kong was videoing the TFP bagpiper playing “Amazing Grace.” As she listened, she wept. “I am a Christian from Hong Kong. I support freedom. I fled China in 2010.”

Another student expressed his concern about communist infiltration on American college campuses. “The Chinese Communist Party exerts significant influence,” he said. “[They use] digital surveillance, attempted censorship, and even physical attacks.”

A driver held up traffic to receive a flyer and talk to TFP volunteers from his car. He honked continuously as he left in support.

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Socialist: “Communism and socialism are not the same thing.”

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TFP: “Lenin himself said that socialism always leads to communism.”

Socialist: Stunned silence.

Leftist: “Nazis!”


TFP: “The Nazis were literally socialist—the National Socialist Worker’s Party.”

Leftist: “Fine, you’re fascists then!”

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TFP: “No. Most fascists were socialists.”

Another leftist: “Cuba is doing poorly because of the U.S. embargo.”

TFP: “Our embargo only affects the government. The U.S. allows essential items such as food and medicine to enter the country. Besides, Cuba used to be one of the largest exporters of sugar cane in the world before communism. Now they need to import it.”

Leftist: “This is why I don’t like debating this. I don’t know my facts.”

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Despite the chaotic exchanges, Harvard students continued to show their support for TFP Student Action’s campaign. “Don’t let them discourage you,” said one. “Keep up the good work!”TFP at Harvard: “Socialism gives the poor equal poverty, equal misery, and equal thievery”

When a Russian claimed communism was dead after the fall of the USSR, a Brazilian student joined the debate. “Every nation that embraced socialism [after the fall of the Soviet Union] in South America is in shambles,” he told the Russian.

Socialists Lose

Not able to win the intellectual debate, some socialist students turned to petty violence and provocation. Ripping up the TFP flyer was a common response.

One leftist student shoved a TFP volunteer from behind. Assuming it was an accident, the TFP volunteer looked at the aggressor, who confirmed his malicious intent by ripping up a TFP flyer.

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During a debate between a socialist and TFP volunteer, Jon Paul Fabrizio, a second student, got in his face, screaming, cursing, and causing spittle to land on his face. After the violent student left, Mr. Fabrizio asked the student he was debating, “Do you condone his aggressive actions?” The socialist responded, “I don’t know his personal background, so I can’t form an opinion.”

Standing up for Truth

Standing up for truth in a liberal stronghold is daunting. Why does TFP Student Action go to places considered off-limits to the truth, like Harvard Square? Because college campuses are where the truth is needed most and where leftist lies should be challenged.

At Harvard, TFP volunteers learned two lessons: Not only is it possible to proclaim the truth in bastions of liberalism, but new ground can also be conquered for God.

“Marxism ruined last century!” ran the TFP slogan that echoed across Harvard’s historic campus. “The future belongs to Tradition, Family, and Property.