The Woke World Traps Many. Here are Some Suggestions for Breaking Free of It

The Woke World Traps Many. Here are Some Suggestions for Breaking Free of It
The Woke World Traps Many. Here are Some Suggestions for Breaking Free of It

To many people, the spirit of “wokeness” is baffling. It is the rough equivalent of saying that truth is a lie and that virtue is harmful. It turns the world upside-down and inside-out.

The Path to Absurdity

Perhaps the Smithsonian Institution inadvertently provided a guide to the nation’s befuddlement with wokeness in the summer of 2020, when its National Museum of African American History and Culture published an “iconographic” titled Aspects and Assumptions of Whiteness and White Culture in the United States. It said that everything from Christianity to Individualism and Science to Justice were parts of a “dominant culture” that alienates and excludes almost everyone.

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Despite its bizarre affirmations, the woke movement cannot be dismissed as misguided and doomed to failure. It enjoys too much protection and promotion. Wokeness continues to advance as observant Americans regularly see evidence of its power.

The recent Congressional hearings in which the presidents of Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology tried to defend the woke worldview merely revealed its intellectual and moral bankruptcy. How can a set of ideas that are so ridiculous survive at America’s (presumably) finest universities?

A Slippery Path to Self-Importance

This is the environment in which Teresa Mull presents her book, Woke-Proof Your Life: A Handbook on Escaping Modern Political Madness and Shielding Yourself and Your Family by Living a More Self-Sufficient, Fulfilling Life.

The book’s greatest asset is its common sense look at the origins of the woke mindset. The author explores how wokeness is present in every aspect of American life. Every city and village contains its adherents. Where did they all come from? What do they have in common? Why do they do the things they do?

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In answering those questions, Miss Mull emphasizes the presence of social media, which she says allowed the woke mentality to spread far more quickly than it would have twenty or more years ago. Its “critical theory” roots are found in earlier decades but were primarily limited to the far-left on liberal university campuses. Platforms like Tik-Tok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter created an alternate system for disseminating ideas across social classes and geographic limits.

Legions of Victims

However, spreading such ideas on social media only tells part of the story. One of the book’s most vital points is that it describes the psychological/moral role in the process.

“Lacking a sense of self-worth and the dignity they inherently possess in knowing that they’ve been made in God’s image and likeness, the woke look to the capricious world for validation. When this method inevitably fails to satisfy them, they go to greater and greater lengths—tattoos, surgeries, displays of ersatz virtue, increasingly bizarre “identities,” absurd pronouns, and so forth—to gain earthly approval.”

These, of course, are the followers, the hoards who search desperately for some meaning in their lives. Such easily led searchers have always existed. In the late sixties, they grew long hair and shouted, “Make Love, Not War!” In Nazi Germany, they donned brown shirts and strutted through the streets in their hundreds. In eighteenth-century France, they put “liberty caps” on their heads and searched for aristocrats to execute.

A Satanic Leadership Class

Their pseudo-elite leaders have all been the same as well.

“[These pseudo elites] orchestrating the woke charade know exactly what they’re doing. They aren’t motivated by their selfless love of others. They want to be like gods, to make men women and women men, to control the population, to make themselves the center of the universe, and profit magnificently…. Many have given into the devil’s temptation, and many are receiving the earthly prize Satan promised, though, of course, it isn’t enough.”

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True to his malicious nature, the true motivating force controls the whole show, although his strategies vary with each generation.

“[T]he latest tactic of the ‘father of lies’ is to implant false accusations of injustice everywhere and turn lies about race and sex into popular opinion, thereby fanning the flames of division, disorder, and ultimately, destruction.”

False Promises that Can Never Satisfy

As with all of Satan’s deceptions, connections to the woke world exemplified by social media grow less satisfying over time. At first, communicating with—and perhaps influencing—people in other places without leaving the comfort of one’s room is intriguing. A network of “friends” awaits news, opinions and insights that would have gone unspoken in real life.

However, an element of competition soon enters into these virtual relationships. Expressing a bit of knowledge first is crucial. Expanding one’s network becomes paramount. Then comes the fear of being ignored and the accompanying dread of rejection. As Miss Mull points out, “Fear is the woke mob’s main tool, and it is an effective one.” A single sentence taken out of context can result in being branded as a racist, homophobe, fascist, bigot, climate-denier or any other imaginative and insulting adjective. That elusive network of friends can vanish overnight.

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This process is, perhaps, the biggest reason that the number of young people experiencing various forms of mental distress—especially depression—is skyrocketing.

Escaping the ill effects of the woke world takes commitment and courage. The first step is to engage in real life, as opposed to the virtual variety. As Miss Mull illustrates, the life of God and Holy Mother Church should come first. After that, family and community—actual, not virtual—are essential to becoming more securely connected to a fulfilling life.

Escaping Wokeness

The latter half of the book provides some suggestions for building the “woke-proof” life that the title promises. This part of the book was perhaps less helpful to those whose careers or family connections tie them to a particular place. That is not to say that it does not make some important points, but they come couched in a style of life that Miss Mull finds attractive. For instance, she expounds at some length about the virtues of country as opposed to urban life. Chapter eight is devoted to self-sufficiency, especially in the realm of food production.

However, even for those—like this reviewer—who prefer the stimulation of the city and for whom gardening is just a series of chores stacked one upon the other, this section of the book provides some valuable suggestions. After all, everyone can gain by leaving the bluish light of the screen (be it television, computer or cell phone) behind in the search for real life with actual people.

There is life after wokeness for those who confide in God and break away from the consensus.