Confronting the Dangers of Criticizing Putin

Confronting the Dangers of Criticizing Putin
Confronting the Dangers of Criticizing Putin—Photo Credit: ©, CC BY 4.0 DEED, Cropped

As a writer commenting on all aspects of the culture war, I have written countless articles on problems in the United States. I have criticized the government, education, drugs, fashions, wokeness, LGBTQ themes, globalism, DEI and similar topics.

I have never hesitated to acknowledge and condemn those instances where America promotes the cutting edge of our culture’s sinfulness and spreads it worldwide. I have always endeavored to do everything possible to resist the evils destroying our nation and even helped secure some victories against them.

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Rarely do I receive complaints from readers that I am being disloyal to America for such harsh commentaries. Most realize that these articles are done with the view of doing good for the nation by awakening and encouraging many healthy reactions.

An Expected Reaction

However, I can always count on one reaction from some readers. After one hundred articles condemning American decadence, all I have to do is write one article criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin, and all hell breaks loose.

A small but vocal sector of the American conservative public views the Russian leader as untouchable. They think he represents a Christian program that must be protected from all challenge. Moreover, they hold that America symbolizes an anti-Christian program. In this broad (and superficial) condemnation of America, they unjustly ignore the selfless and salutary resistance of millions who have fought for years against the evils destroying the nation.

To prove their point, I am ironically presented with a list of all the things I have constantly criticized in our culture as proof of the utter evilness of our nation and, by contrast, the goodness of Russia. If I question, for example, the greater frequency of abortion in Russia, its abysmal religious observance or another alarming statistic, it is dismissed as misinformation or the work of corrupt global pseudo-elites (the same ones I often criticize).

Excusing Putin

Upon pressing the issue, my critics might even admit some truth in what I have to say about Putin, especially if I quote him directly. They will concede that he is not a saint. However, Putin must be forgiven for the most brazen contradictions.

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I think this is because these readers sense an evil so terrifying in the present crisis that they are willing to grab onto any figure that appears on the horizon, even if he is imperfect. Thus, they cannot understand my criticism against someone they think represents hope for the future, no matter how vague and tenuous.

There is the illusion that a strong man taking control will solve the problems that afflict us. Putin is not perfect or even moral in his behavior, I am told, but at least he is better than his American counterparts. He will put things in order.

Painting America as Evil

Finally, I am presented with a list of past and present engagements, policies and globalist dealings that prove the role of global pseudo-elites in destroying the world order.

This framing of the debate turns America and its allies into the absolute evil power that must be opposed in all fields. In the face of America’s sinister and nefarious power, Russia’s alliances with Communist China, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea and Iran’s radical political Islam become “understandable.”

By this twisted logic, the solution would lie in the destruction of the decadent West and in showing full support for Russia and its allies.

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This framing of the debate generates an endless argument in which no one can win—since each doubts the other’s sources of information. Each “atrocity” on one side is answered with two “atrocities” on the other. The most insignificant detail is turned into a giant conspiracy.

Thus, it is best to step back from the brutal slugfest and try another approach by establishing some basic premises.

A Universal Crisis Affecting East and West

The first premise is that the world is in the midst of a universal crisis affecting East and West, North and South. Everyone, without exception, is facing destroyed cultures, suppressed religion and reduced birth rates.

No area of the globe is exempt from abortion, pornography, sexual promiscuity and massification. The world is evil and depraved—Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, China, North Korea and Iran included.

Thus, a single and interconnected crisis attacks both East and West—even if manifesting itself in different forms. In his book, Revolution and Counter-Revolution, Brazilian thinker Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira calls this crisis the Revolution, a historical process spanning centuries aimed at destroying the Catholic Church and what remains of Christian civilization throughout the world.

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Likewise, the noted professor claims there is a major crisis within the Church whereby liberal clergy and laity promote the Revolution’s agenda among the faithful. This Church crisis inhibits both East and West from fighting effectively against the Revolution by depriving them of the supernatural elements needed in this satanic fight.

From this perspective, an East/West binary is misguided since this Revolution dominates both. A more profound understanding would ask, which of the two hemispheres is less affected by the Revolution’s current phase? Which hemisphere is in the position to do the most harm to the remnants of Christian civilization established by Christ’s Church?

Looking at the East

On the one hand, Russia maintains a strong alliance with a dominating Red China and a radical Islamic Iran that will have a devastating impact upon these remnants if victorious. This alliance represents a cutting-edge ideological current that is decidedly anti-Western, Revolutionary and post-Christian. It builds upon the destructive philosophies of Marx, Hegel, Nietzsche and others.

Inside this current are mysterious, neo-pagan and esoteric influences that seek to create a new postmodern “multi-polar Eurasian world” (described in detail by Putin ideologue Aleksandr Dugin).

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Some elements inside the nations under the Russia-China-Iran hegemony might well resist these anti-Western ideologies and favor more traditional notions of family or community. However, the despotic nature of the regimes they live in prevents these notions from prevailing.

The nations enslaved by these ideologies are further hampered by the lack of access to the saving power of the Church due to limited evangelization in history. Indeed, the parties to this anti-Western alliance (including Orthodoxy) reject the Catholic Church, the Rosary and the Message of Our Lady of Fatima.

A Decadent West

On the other side, there is the decadent West, ruled by liberal leaders and pseudo-elites who do immense harm to their nations and the world. The West likewise suffers from errant philosophies and esoteric doctrines. It spreads the Revolution by the force of the cultural forces and fashions it sets in motion.

However, the West has one redeeming element: the remnants of Christian civilization. It still contains the monuments, customs, learning and culture so hated by the Revolution and liberal academia. The faint embers of these remnants still hold the potential to reignite if fervent souls act upon them.

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In addition, the West’s liberal system contains the internal contradiction of tolerating those who oppose it (for now). Thus, significant sectors in Western societies form vibrant movements, groups and currents that oppose Revolutionary agendas and even secure some victories. These significant obstacles to the advance of the Revolution would be lost should the West be crushed.

Inside America and the Christian West, there can still be found those faithful souls that cling to the Church’s traditional teachings to challenge the Revolution and resist the crisis inside the Church. They call upon God’s help amid this terrible universal crisis.

Providence will not abandon all these efforts. Especially important are those supernatural souls in the West that confide in the promises made for our times by Our Lady of Fatima and pray the Rosary for “the conversion of Russia” and all sinners, as she requested.

What Is to Be Done?

We must continue this fight as long as the possibility to resist exists. Succumbing to the crippling thought that it is useless to defend a decadent America and West only helps the Revolution. It removes people who should be fighting the culture war from the battlefield. It only helps smother those embers that still might reignite.

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To be truly effective, our efforts should be directed constantly toward this Revolution wherever it is found. For those who grieve for America, that means fighting for how the Revolution manifests itself in America and the world, especially the culture war.

Thus, I will continue to write relentlessly many articles against American decadence and its pseudo-elites. To stop doing this would be to abandon the fight. I will encourage the significant clots of resistance everywhere that fight against the Revolution.

And I will write the occasional article about Putin, expecting the usual misguided criticism. We must courageously see and denounce those forces of the Revolution in the East that especially target the Church. However, and above all, I will confide that my prayers for Russia’s conversion will be answered.