The Return of Private Debt

It’s not only the government that is in over its head in debt. While all the talk around the nation is centered on the federal debt, private debt is now soaring to great heights. The $17 trillion federal deficit may be big but household debt is not far behind at $13 trillion. It was thought … Read more

Why Economics Is Not an Exact Science

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There are those who try to ascribe to economics an exactitude that is only found in the exact or physical sciences. Such an effort is doomed to failure since it is based on human action which is so fickle and unpredictable. Economic scholar Harry Veryser notes that, “Aristotle pointed out the fatal flaw in trying … Read more

What’s Really Wrong with Our Economy?

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The debate over what’s really wrong with our economy seems irreconcilably divided into two camps. On one side you have those who claim everything will be all right if we could just get big government out of our economy. On the other side, the Paul Krugmans of the world are shouting all the louder: get … Read more

Forget Black Friday, Think Black September!

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In their rush to get the jump on competitors, major retailers are already starting their holiday sales offers. While shoppers are not yet lining up at box store entrances in the summer heat, they are being actively solicited by retailers with special announcements of holiday savings. Already in late August, Toys R Us declared that … Read more

Is Capitalism the Problem?

Return to Order How Money Should Be an Expression of Culture 2

I received a very interesting e-mail from a gentleman who has bought the book, Return to Order, and raised a number of very intriguing questions and comments. His concern is that the book misdiagnoses our modern problem by not going straight to the root of the problem – capitalism. To get results, he claims, one … Read more

The Unlikely Buyer Buys Return to Order

Return to Order is a book that embraces a broad range of themes that people are thinking about. Sometimes, I am surprised by people who express interest in the book out of the blue. They seem to be waiting for the book. Recently, I was talking with a man from California on the phone about … Read more

Individuality Versus Individualism

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There are those who claim individualism allows a person to develop himself. We must make a distinction between individuality and individualism. Man manifests his individuality when he fully develops his personality and talents by which he is different from others. At the same time, individuality encourages man to develop his intensely social character by participating … Read more

Praise for Return to Order – Gregor Hochreiter

Return to Order Praise for Return to Order - Gregor Hochreiter

“Return to Order is a very timely and valuable publication. The author Mr. Horvat does an excellent job in excavating the underlying root of the recurrent economic crises. It is the loss of the golden mean of virtuousness, the consequence of replacing prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance as the guiding principles of economic activity with … Read more

High-Frequency Trading: Markets on Steroids

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The purpose of the stock market is to provide liquidity to investors who know with certainty that they can buy and sell their shares at any time. In this way, the market serves as a constant encouragement to invest capital in sectors of the economy while limiting risks. Thus, the market fulfills a need in society and can contribute to economic prosperity.

However, it is no secret that the stock market has often favored reckless activities and speculation that depart from this purpose. It has given rise to crashes, manias and panics that turns this instrument of sound investment into a financial casino where everyone plays the market in hopes of cashing in at the right moment. Stockbrokers are always coming up with new ways to beat the market. Such practices are perfect examples of what has been called frenetic intemperance – a reckless and restless spirit inside modern economy that seeks to throw off all restraint.

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