Is Italy a Subdued Nation?

Is Italy a Conquered Nation?

Islam is Arabic for “submission.” A Muslim submits to Allah, to his word (Quaran), his law (sharia), to the political authorities that represent him (Khilafat), and to his community (ummah). But one can live in an Islamic society (Dar-al-Islam) without being Muslim, albeit as a second-class citizen (dhimmi). Dhimmis are guaranteed their personal safety and … Read more

The West at War

The West at War

Allahu Akbar!—“Allah is great!” This cry has resounded all over the world through the videos that documented the violence of Islamic militants against women, children and young people of all nationalities, massacred or kidnapped on October 7, 2023, while an avalanche of rockets beat down on Israel. The same invocation—Allahu Akbar!—rang out again in the … Read more

Why Are so Many Muslims Leaving Islam?

Why Are so Many Muslims Leaving Islam?

The ever-present specter of Islamism and its anti-Christian beliefs should not be taken lightly. As Luiz Sérgio Solimeo describes in his book, Islam and the Suicide of the West, Islam strongly tends towards radical violent attitudes toward the West. Wherever Islam takes over, it leaves room for little else. However, there are surprising developments inside … Read more

Pope Francis’s “Abrahamic Religions”

During his Iraq trip (March 5–8), Pope Francis said more than once that Abraham is at the root of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. On arriving, he told civil authorities that he was coming to that land “linked through the Patriarch Abraham and a number of the Prophets” to the religious traditions “of Judaism, Christianity and … Read more

A Symbolic Knife Attack Announces the Decapitation of the West

Two bloody beheadings by Islamic militants in France shocked the world. The French government and the media are trying to frame the attacks as only the work of isolated fanatics exposed to radicalized Islam. Such an evaluation is a mistake. Something more ominous is contained in these ghastly deeds. The crimes sent a message that … Read more

Will the Koran Be Your Child’s Next Textbook?

Modern Muhammadans are using America’s schools to make Islam more acceptable to Christians everywhere. The pattern of that attempt is spelled out in two separate articles appearing within a week of each other. One, “The Islamicization of Public Education Continues Apace” by Fr. Mario Alexis Portella, appeared on Crisis. The other one came from Life … Read more

9/11: an Attack on America and Psywar Against Order

Return to Order 9/11: an Attack on America and Psywar Against Order

Originally posted on 7, November 2001 by the American TFP. We are faced with the nation’s first postmodern war. It is a war of networks against nations, begun with irrational acts that defy the rational imagination. It is a holy war where one side is secular, and a struggle for democracy involving a deposed king … Read more

How the West Became A Shepherdess of Wolves

Return to Order How the West Became A Shepherdess of Wolves

Once upon a time, there was a shepherdess who was charged with keeping her sheep in the pasture and away from the clutch of the terrible wolves. Over the years, the shepherdess worked long and hard at this duty. Despite all her efforts, some sheep occasionally fell victim to the wolves. One day, however, the … Read more