How a Good Lent Can Help Fix a Bad Economy

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To those who see no link between Lent and our failing economy, it might be the case to look again. Economics is about people. It cannot be reduced to numbers, formulae and analyses. “The subject matter of economics,” observes economic historian Odd Langholm, “is properly the habits, customs, and ways of thinking of producers, consumers, … Read more

The Real Foundation of American Law: Natural Law

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There can be no doubt about the intention of the Founders regarding the basis of American law. America was founded upon a notion of all law subject to a higher law, that is, natural law. Free Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society Where Weve Been, How We Got … Read more

A Biblical Reference for Organic Society

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A true organic society is based on the idea that society works in a manner similar to the body. The more developed we become, the more our social nature impels us to seek our perfection in association with others, to help and be helped by others. An organic society is a true society oriented towards … Read more

The Memo I Wish They Would Release

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The controversy on the Nunes Memo is raging. Amid the claims and counter-claims, most Americans really don’t know what is happening. I am sure most look at the headlines (those that still look at them) and shrug their shoulders. It is simply too hard to make sense out of anything—emails, text messages, Russians, FBI agents … Read more

Honoring the Fallen with a Place at the Table

Honoring the Fallen with a Place at the Table

Forced by circumstances to get a bite to eat at a “fast food” place, I expected to find that frenetic, machine-like service, centered on maximum efficiency and the worship of speed. Fast food facilities are designed to move people in and out quickly, with little concern for the pondering of anything. They are strictly focused … Read more

Christmas: “The Most Audacious Dream Imaginable”

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Adapted from Return to Order If by “dream,” we mean the process by which we idealize our goals in society. This type of dream sustained by grace is what the Church proposed and spread throughout Christendom. It is what Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira called the “most striking, indisputable, and audacious dream imaginable.”1 Free Book: … Read more

The Amazing Origins of the Most Beautiful Christmas Song

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Far beyond the ocean, in a valley in the Austrian Alps, lies the age-old village of Oberndorf, looking now much as it did one, two, or three hundred years ago. In the center of the village, near a swift-flowing stream, stands a whitewashed church with a tall red-topped steeple. The low houses, their slanting roofs … Read more

Christmas Outside the Box

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As I was reading an article on an online news site, I chanced upon an advertisement for a beautiful Christmas tree. Indeed, it was an actual Christmas tree, not a holiday, winter or sparkle tree that celebrates some unknown winter solstice festivity. This letter unapologetically used the word Christmas and the tree actually looked inviting … Read more